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Inauspicious Yoga
Grahan Dosh/Yog


Grahan in the First House

The Grahan in the first house is vulnerable to incidents of different kinds in a rapid succession. It’s not really serious but more than enough to cause cripples, anxieties, and anxiety.

If the ascendant is a fiery symbol, then the Grahan in the first house makes one a troubled human, short tempered but brave and wise. He’s late to learn to write. If the ascendant is an earthly sign, the individual is highly greedy, ill-advised to his wife, always involved in the accumulation of money and also in some loose morals.

In the off chance that the ascendant is a watery symbol, e.g. Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, the person is still fortunate and very sick, at first tight in cash matters.

Grahan in the Second House

Under ideal circumstances, the Grahan in the second house helps the individual in the enhancement of the acquisitions or his bank balance and the additional source of wages. Such a person wins enough cash but they are liberal in going through it with the result that, for the most part, they leave nothing for the stormy days.

Surya Grahan, in the subsequent house, implies that the individual has genealogical property, however, because of disappointments in the efforts that go away and the locals turn out to be almost beggars.

If there was financial wealth earlier, they would have wisdom and intelligence instead of financial wealth. If they had intellect and knowledge before, they would now have financial resources instead of knowledge and intellect.

Grahan in Third House

There is all round happiness and harmony under favorable aspects. The relations are friendly and the contacts will still carry positive news. Adverse aspects cause sorrow and irritation. The communications are either not received or are received late and bear bad news. Near partnerships is a point of anxiety. They’re still demanding.

Chandra Grahan is almost lethal to female natives in the third house. Either they die, or they may become a wife. If nothing of this kind happens, there is discord in the family. In the case of a male resident, the workers are cool and silent.

If there is to be an occurrence of local males, they are quiet and calm specialists. They ‘re also found out.

Grahan in the Fourth House

The Grahan takes place in the fourth house under auspicious circumstances gives all round laughter, harmony and happiness. Community members and parents are also a source of joy and happiness. The consequences are just the reverse of it under adverse circumstances. Home existence has also been impacted. It’s all about discord. Worries and suffering, guy. Parents and other close relations are pressures and a cause of distress.

The Chandra Grahan in this house means a mother’s early death and a woman’s window. Generally, the citizen is separated from his homeland. He is a failure of life, humiliated and untrustworthy.

In the off chance that Surya Grahan will come under ideal perceptions, the local will either have no inheritance or the equivalent will be sold. And he doesn’t have any friends or well-wishers.

Grahan in the Fifth House

The good or poor results of Grahan in the fifth house depend on the favorable aspects of the family and culture of the natives. The children are loving and affectionate. Any form of praise or elevation to children would offer happiness and pleasure. Under the adverse things, children are the source of fear and concern. The family may be a burden on him. Disappointment in emotional life can tell you about his health and peace of mind. Investments contribute to damages and speculations prove deadly.

Chandra Grahan makes the individual intelligent, study oriented, and a quiet worker in this house under favorable aspects. He desires the same exquisite love and gives it to his beloved.

He moves to another country because of his learning and builds commendable connections. He is lazy, idle, inwardly irritable, and tends to place barriers in the way of others. He’s a gossip monger and of a free character. There is a likelihood of stomach sickness.

Grahan in the Sixth House

The Sixth House stands for opponent, general safety, service and jobs. The Grahan prefers a balanced body in a positive way, but makes other adversaries. The enmity, though, doesn’t last long. The work jobs continue without any hindrance or hindrance, it quickly achieves promotions and a pensionable status. The person in question is interested in yoga. He’s been well treated. If Grahan comes under unfavorable facets, human wellbeing remains a concern. He’s suffering from chronic diseases. Physicians typically struggle to regain their fitness. He’s interested in yoga, but errors in practice also cause problems.

Surya Grahan also proves to be beneficial in this house under strong perspectives. In general, he faces all inconveniences in well-being problems.

Grahan in the Seventh House

The seventh house is a life partner, business associate, co-professionals, etc. If the Grahan will have a beneficial impact on cooperative spirit and shared good understanding. Harmony in the context of mutual relations is visible. There can be mutual misunderstandings or discords under unfavorable aspects. In these things, the person should be very cautious and alert. Also in litigation, he could get involved. Business associates and co-professionals can be insincere or deceitful.

Chandra Grahan takes her toll either as a life partner or as a business partner in favorable circumstances. When the seventh house falls into an eternal symbol, the results are natural.

There’s more than one marriage going on. One also suggests repudiating the universe or, even, putting an end to it all. Association with the existence of an accomplice is dissonant, and there may be more than one marriage. Job is not smooth. It’s hard to get a house to live in.

Grahan in the Eight House

The Eighth House stands for; inter alia, longevity, identity and the secret side of life, etc. The eighth and ninth houses are generally houses which influence the native in a non-physical way. Occult studies are included in the subjects of the eight houses.

Chandra Grahan here under advantageous combinations suggests the career of the native up to 38-40 years, but in this short period he has a good reputation and recognition. Grahan shows adverse effects in unfavorable combinations. The native is short lived, and the journey of life becomes quite painful. Surya Grahan gives life up to 50 years in desirable conditions. Late marriage has been stipulated.

There is a marriage crisis, a lack of cash and a disease. It’s Asthma and T.B. Possible diseases that raise pain and tension.

Grahan in the Ninth House

The house stands for the unfortunate Punyas, that is, the meritorious deeds of the past. This includes religious outlook, family, long journeys, pilgrimages and good luck. An adverse effect on this house misbalances the rest of life. Because the variables are non-physical in nature, it is usually difficult to predict the outcome.

Chandra Grahan denotes long journeys and pilgrimages in the house under favorable conditions, offering a fillip to spiritualism. One has to work hard in his early life, but later his career is stable.

It is probable that he has no co-borns, although in the case that they do, there are challenges, disunity, although doubts like they were. The personality is passionate and clearly degenerate. Either he doesn’t have methods of living, or he doesn’t have the chance that they’re there, they’re really precarious.

Grahan in Tenth House

Tenths house is the individual’s Karmasthane. This illustrates how a individual introduces himself to the outside world and gains recognition / depreciation, etc. The house relates, inter alia, to the occupation. Professionalism, means of livelihood, physical privileges, dignity, etc. Chandra Grahan suggests, under favorable circumstances, that the individual has no ancestral properties. He does not use his education or learning for his own financial benefit. A good part of his income is spent on social welfare work.

Life goes on without any significant improvement or improvement. Under typical conditions , i.e. without distress or support, Surya Grahan in the tenth house is characteristic of some advancement or improvement in everyday life.

Grahan in the Eleventh House

The eleventh house applies primarily to achievements and expectations. This includes relatives and co-born elders. The positive feature of Chandra Grahan is reflective of benefits. The person may be elected to the lower house of the legislature. He has more female children than does not cause any issues for him. The Grahan under unfavorable conditions suggests that the native remains without any offspring. The disorder that the native suffers from is that of the ears and legs.

Surya Grahan, under favorable planetary angles, implies unexpectedly amazing advantages, reverence and distinction in the 36th year of age.

Grahan in the Twelfth House

The house relates, among other issues, to defeats, life after death, and the latent karmas of the past that have yet to come to fruition. Chandra Grahan in this good-looking house means recognition and honor. There’s a lot of travel to make a living in early life. Things get stabilized in later life. The marital relationship between the partners is good. An individual does not renounce the universe, but in the universe he is not a man of a material world. He’s well versed in his corporate affairs. There are some disputes sometimes, but they slip away quickly.

Once in a while, he’s in the administration or at various market activities. He’s just very consistent and strong. In fact, he is rarely involved in charitable actions.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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