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Basics of Astrology
Significance of all twelve houses

Significance of all twelve houses

The 12 houses of astrology are organized on a circle-shaped graph or a ring. Don’t compare the house wheel with the zodiac circle. They ‘re two separate spokes. The zodiac wheel is centered on the sun’s apparent annual movement of our Planet (along the ecliptic), while the House wheel is focused on our World’s 24-hour movement on its own axis. The 2 wheels are connected together at points resulting from equations including the precise birth date and celestial birth coordinates. The planets are also identified in two ways: as being in a zodiac sign, and also as being in a room. For e.g., two persons may each have a Libra Sun symbol, but one may have a Libran Sun in his 12th room, while the other may have a Libran Sun in his 1st room. That could allow for two really different kinds of men. (Another explanation why the famous daily Sun Sign Horoscopes are a collection of silence: they ‘re based on the premise that everybody has their Sun in the 1st Room. There’s no logic or consistency about that).

The most significant houses are the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th. They are named “angular buildings” because their cusps suit the four unique angles: rising, I.C., falling, and M.C. Planets in angular houses should have the greatest effect on you.

1st House in Vedic astrology

It’s the house of self. This involves self-awareness, physical structure, temperament, attitude, personal conceptions of life, self-identity, self-image, early setting, and beginnings; how we start, how we become impulsive. Every world in this house would have a significant effect on your temperament and on how people view you.

The right combination of planets in the first house would take the person to high heights as per the 1st house of Vedic astrology. In the other side, if the 1st house is populated by malefic worlds, the existence of the person the be very complicated and dangerous. So, a ton depends on which sign and celestial combinations there are in the first house on the birth map.

The first house in the horoscope reflects personality, outward nature, behavior, disposition, self-identity, power, vulnerability, outward constitution as well as fitness. Through observing the sign and planets in the first room, we can quickly discern a lot about one’s inner and outer self. The role and power of the first lord of the house is very significant in defining a person’s destiny. First house is all about external presence, whether a person presents himself or herself to the world. It’s a reflection of how we present ourselves as well as who we really are.

The first house is named Tanu bhava in Vedic Astrology, meaning the house of the body. This is because the first house is the karaka of one’s personality, appearance, physical attractiveness, desire, body features and power. It provides a good impression of your strength and vigor, and of your general fitness and well-being. It’s a gateway to the overall perspective on life, which ultimately impacts the decisions and the potential course of events. In fact, his astrological study often says of potential misfortunes and misfortunes. First house is also quite significant in terms of rendering astrological predictions.

2nd House in Vedic astrology

The second house applies to your own resources and belongings, what you admire, your secret abilities, self-esteem (how you perceive yourself instead of defining your personality like in the first House). Possessions involve everything belonging to a individual (except the house / home controlled by the 4th house): vehicles, chairs, clothes, moveable properties, savings and shares, etc. The second house determines how you receive and invest your own income (as opposed to other people’s resources in the 8th room), your approach to wealth and material property, and the ability to acquire it.

The second house is connected to the Taurus star. Venus and Jupiter are the usual features of the 2nd house of the horoscope. The second house is the strongest house in the universe for Meteor, Sulfur, Venus and Saturn.

Second house is also the power of one’s verbal speech. It’s a voice karaka. If the beneficent Mercury occupies the second room, the individual is likely to be eligible and to be awarded in communication related fields, either orally or in literature. The Second House also offers knowledge of other languages. It also affects extended families and other family members such as mothers, sisters, fathers, uncles, aunts, etc. It also applies to the income profile of your relatives and how wealthy you spent your youth. In addition, indulgence and dietary habits are also controlled by this building. You will also see the negative behavior and vices by examining the second room.

3rd House in Vedic astrology

The third house is one of contact, which, by definition, covers one’s immediate environment: family, friends, fast journeys and other modes of transport. The third house often contains the brain, the lower mind (details and little pieces of knowledge as opposed to the higher mind in the 9th room), thought habits, and early schooling (before college). Connection involves letters, orders, news, telephone calls, meetings, reading and writing.

The third house is connected to Gemini and it’s the third sign of the zodiac. Besides being the master of correspondence and intelligence, Mercury is the universal signifier of the Third House. The third house is the safest house for Moon, Mars, Venus, and Saturn. So, it’s a bad room for Mercury.

If the third house in the horoscope is, it has a consistency of proximity to it. It keeps one close to his immediate surroundings and holds the social network strong. It represents the use of intellect and empathy to create a relationship with the brothers and sisters, the first social relationships one creates after the other, where you need to adapt and change. The essence of the journey that it offers often indicates that there are close journeys, such as local tours or short distance getaways. It also oversees early education.

The third house includes Gemini, the third symbol of the zodiac. Mercury, which often regulates speech and intelligence, is the normal symbol of this building. The body parts that control include the neck, back, knees, upper lip, abdomen, collarbone, mouth, and the breathing canal. In Ordinary astrology, the third house relates to the surrounding countries and their connection to the treaties they have concluded together.

4th House in Vedic astrology

The fourth house relates to the home and everything connected to it (both the childhood home and the current home): families, property, personal foundations (inner emotional security), the origins. Astrologers are split about whether this house is related to one’s mother or spouse. What is obvious is that the childhood of a child is related to this Room.

On a deeper point, the fourth house is the foundation of awareness or the nucleus of our material life. See how the cushion of the 4th house is the I.C., the lowest point on the table, symbolic of items below the Earth’s crust. As a result, the 4th house was assumed to control the circumstances at the end of existence, and the graves. As the source or foundation of your true self, the 4th house rules where you go when you “fall” but still where you come from. For those who believe in regeneration, the 4th house will provide hints to the karmic lesson for this period. It reveals what karmic burdens you’ve carried to this life with you.

The fourth house is connected to the sign of Cancer, the fourth house of the zodiac. Besides, Moon is the symbol of the fourth building. As the Moon symbolizes agriculture and mother, so the divine body indicates the fourth home. The location of Mars and Saturn is reported to be poor in the fourth space. It’s the perfect house for Mercury and Venus, on the other side.

The fourth house includes the symptom of Death, the fourth symptom of the zodiac. Sun, representing agriculture and mother, is the universal symbol of the fourth house in astrology. The body sections that are administered include the arms, breast, and lungs. The fourth house in Ordinary astrology relates to mother nature, forestry, environment, atmosphere, mining and public buildings. The fourth house is often connected to all beneath the ground, such as crude, mining, drilling, forestry, natural resource production and building.

5th House in Vedic astrology

The Fifth House relates to girls, to imagination and to the enjoyment of fun. These include personal preferences, love relations, recreation, leisure, betting, risk-taking, coaching, excitement, artistic self-expression, love granted, gambling. The 5th house is more about you being yourself and loving yourself.

Romance, dating, love affairs, and romantic partnerships are regulated by this 5th space, but marriage is delegated to the 7th. Until quite recently, marriage was not entered into for fun, for love, or for personal satisfaction. Marriage was not ever selected, but instead for the intention of raising children to maintain the ideals of a certain society or faith. And such partnerships were more frequently structured on the grounds of class and financial standing, a relationship for the 7th family.

The 5th house is related to the Leo sign. Jupiter is the natural significator of this house. It is best for Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury but a weak house for Saturn.

Essentially, this is a house coping with all you make, even babies. Your desire to have babies, pregnancy, childbirth, abortion, partnership with your husband, and their wellbeing is all regulated by the fifth house in the horoscope. Raising your babies, who are an extension of your own, is always a source of enjoyment. It also indicates the birth of a son, which is why in Vedic astrology it is named Putr Bhava.

The Fifth House also controls the sense of superiority, rationalization, emotional intellect, and logical abilities. Coherence, justice, method and chances of higher education, moral growth and achievement are all regulated by the 5th hall. Fifth house is often linked to good luck and wealth, the indulgence in trade and saving. Your success in gambling and money-risk problems may be measured by reading the 5th room. All sports and risky relations where luck plays a role fall under 5th house definitions such as puzzles, hats, tokens, unexpected wins, cycling, lotteries, gaming, dice, casinos, cards, etc.

6th House in Vedic astrology

The Sixth House relates to everyday life, activity, nutrition, wellness and physical disability, physical capacity to function, workers. This covers voluntary jobs, public service employment, day-to-day caring and day-to-day jobs. The 6th house only concerns the nature of the job, the standard of the jobs you do, as opposed to the specific profession (profession is reflected by the 10th floor). Regular worldly activities require personal grooming and our way of coping to daily crises.

The sixth house in Kundli is known as Shatru Bhava in Vedic Astrology. It affects the 6th sign of Virgo. The actual meaning of this house is the planet Mercury. It’s the strongest house for Mercury, but the bad house for Jupiter, Earth, Moon, Venus, and Saturn.

The 6th house in the horoscope deals with hurdles, wars, threats, loans, etc. The sixth house pushes the citizen, makes him / her happier, and helps him / her to solve all these issues. Accordingly, the 6th house has something to do with citizens like physicians, healers and other practitioners who support community including the military, the army, etc. In addition, the 6th Vedic Astrology House also deals with conflicts, court proceedings, litigation and so on.

The bond you have with your farmers, friends, and maternal relatives is regulated by the 6th unit. The Sixth House often represents conflicts, conflicts and disagreements that you engage in and your capacity to handle. Your bad and immoral deeds even fall under the property of the sixth house. Where the 6th house lord is located, and the planets inhabit the 6th room, even rule the field of life where you will experience the most suffering and difficulty of life, where you will have to make extra efforts. It also signifies self-discipline, servitude, seriousness of actions, selfless devotion, and the desire to strive for a better economic role.

7th House in Vedic astrology

The Seventh House is often referred to as the House of Matrimony, but it includes all one-on-one interactions: marriage, corporate alliances, arrangements, mutual associations, and even divorce, breakup, quarrels, active rivals, and litigation.

The distinction between the romantic interests of the 5th House and the romantic ties of the 7th House is that the 7th House relates to more deeply bound partnerships, whereas the 5th House applies to issues that might be transient. If the 5th House romance develops into a serious engagement, we might claim that the arrangement has “moved into the 7th house.”

7th house partnerships are about partnership and collaboration, which usually have a practical role in the broader social group (i.e. marriage). That is distinct from the 5th house love affair, the only feature to which is “butterflies in the stomach.”

The 7th house is in the way you respond to people nearest to you. Planets in this house are going to affect the way of relating. They even offer hints regarding the problems that emerge in your relationship.

Seventh house also deals with the darker side of our relationships, the partnerships we form. Legal battles, divorce, quarrels, enmity, and fines also fall under the domain of this house. Your reaction to these adversities influence your relationship with the person and on a more global level in mundane astrology, it can lead to wars. In Mundane astrology, seventh house controls matters related to treaties, alliances with other countries, foreign affairs, law, international conflicts, foreign trade etc. Known as the Kalatra Bhava in Vedic Astrology, this house is ruled by Libra sign. Planet Venus is the natural significator of this house that also signifies love, romance and sexuality. It governs several body parts including kidneys and lower back.

8th House in Vedic astrology

Simply stated, the 8th room is the reverse of the 2nd one. Whereas the second controls the own separate property, the eighth house regulates what the alliance holds (joint finances).

The 8th Room is one of the most confused. That is mainly because the items described in the 8th House appear to have little in common with each other, or they seem to be pessimistic. This House rules death, rebirth, taxation, inheritances, wills & legacies latent magical power, shared wealth, assets and property of your family, spouse’s assets, poverty, damages, personal contributions, charity, clairvoyance.

On a positive note, this House is about transformation and healing. But transformation and healing require some type of death, loss, or injury first. This House rules those processes and things by which we transform and become more powerful.

The 8th house is named the Ayu Bhava in Vedic Astrology. It deals with the Scorpio symbol, with features such as ambiguity, possessiveness, zeal and ambition. Mars is also the normal symbol of the 8th space. It is the best room for the planets Jupiter & Sun and the worst room for Moon, Mars and Mercury.

8th house essentially is considered difficult because this is the house of transformations. It makes the person withdraw from the material pleasures by inflicting miseries but the ultimate aim is salvation and spiritual liberation. It leads to the transformation of the soul, by purifying it and eradicating bad karma. The process nonetheless is agonizing but rewarding. We can also understand transformations in the context that 8th house shows the biggest changes that happen in one’s life which are life changing in nature.

9th House in Vedic astrology

The Ninth House relates to theory, faith, legislation, schooling, higher education (as opposed to early education by the Third House), ethics, culture, long travels, transportation, foreign countries and desires, divine impulses, thoughts, hallucinations, better minds, concepts, knowledge and intelligence, reading, writing, ceremonies, and rituals. This is the House of Brilliant Views and Interesting Concepts.

The 9th “understanding” house is more nuanced than the 3rd “information” room. The act of “knowing” belongs to the 3rd room, as it literally means a person’s clear interaction with something in his world. Comprehension requires the integration of established evidence.

In summary, the 9th house includes experiences that we encounter when we search for the meaning of things. Whatever expands your field of activity or the scope of your mind – long journeys, contact with other cultures, great dreams, and even experiences with fortunetellers.

Oh, the 9th house corresponds to the symbol of Sagittarius. Besides, Jupiter is the universal symbol of the 9th space. Jupiter, in effect, refers to good health, education, education, higher learning, knowledge and spirituality.

The 9th house corresponds to Sagittarius, and Jupiter is the actual name of this building, which often refers to good health, fortune, fortune, higher learning, knowledge and spirituality. The ninth house in Routine Astrology relates to the constitution, decision, theological affairs, employment, immigration and justice of the world. The body pieces of the ninth house are the knees and the back of the legs. The way the power of the thighs decides when you eventually cross the finish line, the quality of your lessons and the theory of life, dictates whether or not you can know the greater reality and be one with Heaven.

10th House in Vedic astrology

The Tenth House is a House with Rank, Respect, Civic Strength, Dignity, Integrity and Skilled Treatment. That entails financial achievement in our culture, but only when it contributes to collective strength and reputation. It’s not just the “economic things” because it’s in the 2nd room. The tenth house seeks achievement for the sake of respect and social standing.

This house contains societal structures (in comparison to the specific house structures in the fourth paragraph), appreciation, personal success, societal duties, sense of responsibility, authoritative figures, representatives. This House covers the more prominent aspects of one’s life and the profession that you develop into, as compared to everyday employment and irregular jobs ruled by 6th house.

As with the 4th House, astrologers are divided over whether the 10th House rules one’s mother or father. Those that say the 4th House rules the mother, say the 10th House rules the father, and vice versa. What is clear is that the 4th House rules the nurturing, home-body parent, while the 10th House rules the public, success-focused parent (the parent who “wears the pants”).

Oh, the 10th house is associated with the Capricorn symbol. And we recognize that the Capricorn contract works with working-class developments and aggressive goals. Both, Saturn and Mars are closely identified with the 10th house, and it is evident that these two houses are both linked to function and desire. The tenth house is a bad room for the planet Jupiter, Sun and Moon. On the other side, the tenth room is Saturn’s own building.

It also defines your professional outlook, whether you are a hard worker, ambitious and determined person or a lazy lad, disinterested in career matters. 10th house is not just about your vocation, it is also about avocation. The reason why you choose a particular field is also determined by studying 10th house in horoscope. Is it financial, emotional or by hobby?

11th House in Vedic astrology

The 11th House is the House of community, large groups, and friends. It refers to memberships, hopes, goals, ambitions, wishes, social groups, associations, humanitarian interests. It also refers to self-realization, liberty, legislation and regulation.

Oh, the symbol aligned with the 11th house is the symbol of Aquarius. And the sun is the normal symbol of the 11th building. It’s a small room for the spiritual body of the Universe.

The eleventh building is the building of Labha. The sense of Labha is income. So, the 11th house clearly suggests profits and earnings. It also stands for employment, riches, success, sudden benefits & earnings and abundance the 11th house also indicates that the expectations and wishes will be satisfied. Also, the 11th house is the 5th house from the 7th building, which implies the fulfilling of wishes. The house has immense significance in terms of materialistic needs and milestones, wishes and their satisfaction.

It’s also known as the badhaka room, badha means obstacle. Some of our wishes are auspicious in design, whereas the execution of others can be harmful. It is particularly badhaka (obstructive) against the cardinal signs-Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The location and relationship of planets in the 11th house in the horoscope decides how you encounter or avoid challenges in life. Good placement means that there would be a number of possibilities, but there will still be certain challenges, so you should be willing to conquer them.

As it involves Labha or profits, it often plays a part in deciding what makes you performance and benefits, and what does not. If your expectations and dreams are fulfilled or not, they always fall under the 11th room. If you are effective in your higher education, business, lawsuits, jobs or speculation-related activities, they all come under the 11th house law.

12th House in Vedic astrology

This is perhaps the most confused house in the country. The Twelfth House relates to the ego, the unconscious self that resides separate from our daily observable life. That encompasses unconscious thinking, subconscious recollection, involuntary cycles of previous behaviors, mental disorder, karmic debt, self-deception, diversion, psychological awareness, restriction, anger, and eventually self-indulgence.

In a tangible, concrete basis, the 12th house contains elements that draw people away from our daily lives: structures (such as schools, jails, government offices), places of incarceration, lies, private affairs, unknown rivals, and self-sacrifice for others. It also applies to mourning, tribulation, widowhood, mourning, burial, incarceration, seclusion, fraud, subversion, assassination, robbery, abduction, and death.

The 12th house is connected to the 12th sign of the zodiac system, Pisces. This symbol is defined by insight, solitude and creativity. Besides, Saturn is the universal symbol of the 12th space. The 12th house is the strongest house on the following planets: Jupiter, Earth, Mars, Venus and Saturn. The 12th house is low for Moon and Mercury. How is Saturn Transit going to impact you?

Twelfth house in astrology is a separation from individuals depicted by the planets sharing the house, such as parents, family, neighbors, acquaintances and relatives. This isolation can be in the context of separation or death. 12th house always has to do with bed warmth, such that physical capacity, wishes, satisfaction and sleeping habits come under this category as well. The 12th house is often a departure from the native location, in the context of long distance travel to distant locations, foreign home, travel abroad, exchange with foreign cultures and citizens, import, export, international tourism and industry.






















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