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Jupiter in the Third House


If you have Jupiter in the 3rd house, it really enhances your mental capabilities. You are very intuitive. The planet of Jupiter expands your mental power so you can grasp new information quickly and comprehend things effortlessly. This placement of Jupiter is very beneficial for the native’s early education too. Such a person can also excel in writing and literary fields. Jupiter here leads towards cordial relationship with siblings, neighbors, family and associations.
As a native, you should be careful to not but your energies in different directions. You should pursue a goal and choose work that involves a lot of movement. This will help to ease your mental distress. This exact position of Jupiter also gives a strong desire to travel, especially long distance journeys. Travel tends to bring good luck to these natives. When retrograde, Jupiter makes the person a man of few words, sincere but they struggle to settle, both on mental as well as physical level.

Positive trait for natives who have Jupiter in 3rd house, they are good planners. Besides, they are highly curious and enjoy making connections with others. They feel happy to share ideas. They are able to see the larger picture and often turn to others for advice and suggestions. Also, they easily put the people at ease in social situations.
Negative impact for them, When Jupiter is retreated in the third house; the natives should try to ensure that they don’t leave people behind when they take off on a trip. They should bring someone along on each journey, it will help them. Besides, they should learn to focus on one or two subjects at a time, and you’ll be able to increase your knowledge at an even greater rate.

As a conclusion for people having Jupiter in 3rd house, the planet of Jupiter is the spiritual guru. When it resides in the 3rd house, the natives are dynamic, forceful, and forward-looking. However, natives will need to be more focused. Only a distinct goal can channelize our energy and enable us to do wonders. And for sure natives of Jupiter in 3rd house can do it.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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