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Rohini Nakshatra

Rohini Nakshatra

The Rohini Nakshatra is the second of the celestial constellations in Vedic astrology; this Constellation falls entirely under the zodiac sign of the Taurus, with all its four Padas. The name of Rohini is translated as the Reddish, and the importance of it lies in its passion and abundance of water. The people of Nakshatra are amazing, gain good wealth and, by nature, are imaginative.

Rohini Nakshatra’s astrological range.

The Rohini Constellation in Taurus sign ranges from degrees 10-00′ to 23-20′. The Nakshatra stresses spiritual liberation and doesn’t covet anything that isn’t yours. It’s translating into (the Red one) and symbolizing a cart. The ruling planet of this Constellation is The Earth.

Characteristics of Rohini Nakshatra.

The Rohini Nakshatra’s symbol is an Ox, or a chariot, and these represent commerce, fertility, and the inherent ability to bring and manage ideas and products. The Brahma, ruling deity, who is also the creator of our Universe, provides a creative nature and materialistic life for the Rohini Nakshatra natives. The people born under this Nakshatra have a special aesthetic appeal, and a charisma that most people will find charming. Because of this Nakshatra’s fertile nature, the natives born under it can fulfill their goals in time, and possess the ability to express their thoughts and materialize their creations. The natives have good family values too, to know more about the details of the constellation in Rohini we can use the following schedule:

1st pada  Ruled by Mars
2nd pada  Ruled by Venus
3rd pada  Ruled by Mercury
4th pada  Ruled by Moon
Lucky Gemstone Pearl
Lucky Number 4
Caste Shudra
Controlling/Ruling Planet  Moon
Ruling Deity of Venus  Parvati
Translation  “Reddish One” or “Growing One”
Symbol  An Ox Cart, Chariot
Animal Symbol  A Male Serpent
Presiding Deity  Brahma, the Creator of the Universe
Nature  Manushya (Human)
Mode  Balanced
Number  4 (relates to the material world)
Gender  Female
Dosha  Kapha
Guna  Rajas
Common Name of the Tree  Java Plum/Malabar Plum or Jamun
Botanical Name of the Tree  Syzigium cumin
Seed Sounds  O, Va, Vi, Vu
Element  Earth
Disposition  Fixed, Permanent (Dhruva)
Bird  Owl
Male characteristics

These Nakshatra’s male natives typically have a slim physique but sometimes they may also be short formed and fat. He has beautiful, magnetically charmed eyes. His physical features are typically very appealing, with big beautiful eyes, broad shoulders and well-built muscles. They are usually short tempered and seem to get upset too easily, but are equally easy to calm down. It is really hard to change things when they have reached a decision. We don’t like people driving their decisions and opinions and don’t consider thoughts and opinions from others easily. He is still too quick to find fault with others but it will take time to relax with him when it comes to his own. He lets his life be guided more by heart than by his brain. He loves his loved ones, and is willing to make every sacrifice for them. He attaches great importance to fact, and ignores that which is fake. His life can be riddled with ups and downs, and that is mainly because he never schedules his acts and has specific goals.

Profession/ source of income for male

You may make money from planting, gardening, or items related to growing food. In addition, items like refining or making some improvements to the food and then delivering it to the market can also help you. Apart from this, some fields may favor you earning daily bread, such as botany, music , art, beauty products, fashion design, beauty parlor, jewelry, expensive clothing, tourism, transport, car industry, bank, financial institution, oil & petroleum production, textile industry, water transport services , food, fast food, hotel, sugar cane company, chemical engineering, cool water or mineral water related works.

Family life for Male

Your spouse is going to be smart, sexy, and intelligent. He / she would also have other expectations of you. The one is going to be sentimental and social just like you. You ‘re always going to have a strong communication with them. Your personality is going to be appealing and your conduct is going to be mild. You’re going to act well with others. So, it’s fair to think of you as an inspiration. You will take good care of your family and finish your homework very quickly, making your family life blissful.

Health for Male

Rohini Nakshatra is prone to blood-related illnesses, including cancer of the skin or blood sugar. He may have urinary and jaundice conditions as well.

Female Characteristics 

This Nakshatra’s female natives have a very attractive appearance, with charming hair, light complexion and medium height. She’s behaving well, and dressing nicely. She shows a lot of arrogance outwardly but she’s still very poor at heart. She often loses her temper too easily which most of the time tends to get her in trouble. She is a realistic, independent woman who is keen on protecting her secrets. She can get aggressive when instigated. She is completely capable of carrying out all her duties and can lead a very healthy and happy family life. She will receive full support from her husband and children and make her family a happy one.

Profession/ source of income for Female

The female natives of Rohini Nakshatra are believed to be sincere and determined, particularly when it comes to their work and responsibilities, to remain loyal to them and to make every effort to make it work and succeed. However the trouble is that they are genuinely vibrant souls who, despite though persistent in their mindset, would not be able to remain in one position for as long as they would not want to try all these things for a long time, and all of this, unknowingly, would take them down a other direction because it would lead down failures.

Family life for Female

The female natives of Rohini Nakshatra are considered to have a stronger family life than the Rohini males. They should have a happy and harmonious arena in their married life, but they need to control their stubbornness in order to keep it alive forever, because their harsh nature could become a obstacle in their family life.

Health for Female

The female natives of Rohini Nakshatra are considered to have a good health in their way of life and, again, a lot better than the Rohini males. The small problems they would have included joint pain, breast cancer or pain, pimples, sore throat, menstrual problems, and swelling above their necks, but they won’t become huge hurdles on their land.

Nakshatra Padas:

First Pada (10:00-13:20 Taurus degrees): Aries.

It’s ruled by Mars. You are braver and more inclined to leadership than the other Rohinis. You’re not afraid to stand up for what you believe in. You are short-tempered, however, and may indulge excessively in material pleasures, particularly sex.

Second Pada (13:20-16:40 Taurus degrees): Taurus

It’s ruled by Venus .Artistic talent abounds in you, and anything you do has an artistic quality. You ‘re pretty good in appearance. Your way is self-controlled. While you enjoy the finer luxuries of life, you are never swept away by indulgence. Intelligent and curious, your experience covers a wide variety of subjects.

Third Pada (16:40-20:00 Taurus degrees): Gemini. 

It’s ruled by Mercury. Communication comes to you, of course. You’re a professional speaker, editor, and conversationalist. You’re versatile and don’t get upset when plans change — you realize that change is part of life. You have a sharp intellect, and your observant and shrewd attitude gives you a keen insight into whatever situation you can find yourself in.

Fourth Pada (20:00-23:20 Taurus degrees): cancer.

It’s ruled by the Moon. You are intuitive and make the right choices when you obey your intestines. Family is really important to you, and you give priority to your family over other issues in your life.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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