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Significance of Sun

Vedic astrology give a really big importance to the sun, not just because it’s giving us light and illuminates our life as a “light giver”, the sun is also a “life giver”, the sun is considered as one of the most major planets, and also it’s responsible for giving the future, shape and personality to the life.

In astrology the planet of sun is known as a star, also as a luminary, it represents the personality and the ego of the person; we can say it represents the self, the spirit, and all the unique and special characteristics which makes every one of us and every individual just one of his kind in this great and wonderful universe, the sun is also known to create the one’s identity, creative abilities, and the great power to meet ever day’s challenges that makes us feel alive.  

Sun also have some karakas it’s Sun – Father, Fatherly figure, Earth (‘Prithvi’), Water (‘Jal’) and Sky(‘Aakash’)}, Temples/ religious places or places of worship, Vitality, Domination, Government, Ego, Self-esteem, Soul, Fire, Fire element {others elements  are Wind (‘Vaayu’),, Governtment jobs, Politicians, Brilliance, Radiance, Charisma, Courage, King or Kingly status, Forests/ Mountains, Open placces, Originality in work/ thought, Dignity, Nobility, Royal status, Bones, Heart, Arteries/ Veins, Right eye, Fevers, Eyesight in general, Stomach (not intestines), Brain, Bile

The sun is considered a personal planet and also a fast moving planet, when you study or read the movements and the horoscopes of planets, it’s called a fast-moving planet as it takes lesser time to cover the Zodiacal circle, Sun takes about 30 days to complete its stay in each zodiac sign, the places of the sun in the horoscope is a really effective tool that is used by the astrologers since ages, they used it to read and read and understand the one’s personality, psychology, the weaknesses, the strengths, etc. 

Due to the presence of the sun, our life on earth is sustained; we wouldn’t have a chance to live on the earth without the sun, in astrology speaking, the sun is the center of a great power, and we all know that all planets are revolving around him, all of that because of the great gravitational force, sun of course is great and plays a really great and important role in the life of human beings. 

We can say that the Sun rays are connected with the inner most spirit of human beings. Hence, the Sun is depicted as the Soul of the universe representing the life-force on the earth. In Vedic Astrology, Sun has been described as Soul (Atma) of all beings. Sun is self of a person. 

Talking with numbers “numerological”, the sun’s number is one; we can realize the importance of sun with the fact that its presence brings hope and energy in the form of the day, and the absence brings the night in the form of dark.

Down there, that’s some important characteristics of sun keeping in view the astrological importance of sun.

Color: Orange
Direction: East
Day: Sunday
Nature: Authoritative, Argumentative and Dominative
Constellations ruled: Krittika , Uttara Phalguni and Uttara Ashadha
Orbit time in One Zodiac Sign: One Month
Orbit time of whole Zodiac: 12 months
Friendly planets: Mars, Jupiter and Moon
Enemy planets: Saturn and Venus
Neutral planets: Mercury
Own Sign (Rashi): Leo
Mool Trikon in: Leo 20 Degree
Exalted in: Aries 10 Degree
Debilitated in: Libra 10 Degree
Special features: Round face and honey colored eyes
If well placed signifies: Courage, father, political power
If adversely placed signifies: Arrogance and jealous nature
Precious Stone: Ruby
Vimshottari Mahadasha period: 6 years
Taste: Pungent
Metal: Gold and copper
Representation: Government or Father
Body parts ruled: Heart, brain, head, eye, bones, chest, lungs and stomach
Diseases given by Sun: Weak eyesight, headache, bone weakness, palpitation,
baldness, heart problems, epilepsy etc

Written by : Hemant Barua
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