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Ketu in all 12 houses
Ketu in the Eleventh House

Ketu Placement in the eleventh house of chart

The eleventh house represents prosperity, gains, elder siblings, friendships, and social concerns. When Ketu is positioned in 11th house and is favorable for the native, he or she would be quite frugal with their money. They are likely to be successful in life. People with positive Ketu in eleventh house usually make good achievements in life and have a stable financial position too.

Also, ketu can give problems related to ears and hearing disorders. Moreover, the person may struggle to keep a warm and cordial relationship with siblings especially brothers and their own children. Ketu here also causes miscarriage at times. The native with this position usually has limited desires in life. Their social life is also average and they do not have many friends either. They keep their involvement with people limited.

The Most important feature of Ketu, in 11th house, is courageous nature of the native which is inherent. Such a person will never lose hope even in the hardest time. He will struggle hard to come out such situations with faith in hard work, religion and God. He will be generous, charitable and famous due to his nature, thoughts and devotion towards work.
This native will be lucky and will enjoy the comforts and luxury of life. He may also face some unwanted situations in his life beyond his control. If Ketu or Saturn is malefic in the chart, the native has to face some difficult situations in life. He may be trapped in some conspiracy. Progeny may be problematic and the native may not get the complete benefits from sons or the son/sons may have to face problem of settlement in life. He worries a lot for his future and may suffer from stomach diseases.

There’s some cures he can use in this case, he can keep a black dog to guard him at home, also it will help to wear an emerald in silver, and last of all it will be very helpful to make donations of the items of the planet of Saturn.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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