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Ketu in all 12 houses
Ketu in the Nin theth House

Ketu Placement in the ninth house of chart

As we said before, the 9th house relates to foreign travel, fortune, luck, meditation, spirituality, higher learning and pilgrimages. Ketu also represents inclination towards emancipation. When it is positively located in the ninth house, it makes the person spiritually inclined and religious. Such a person is dedicated and serious about their religious values and beliefs. There is also a possibility of travel, especially pilgrimages. Ketu in the ninth house also makes the native orthodox in some cases.

Ketu isn’t favorable in this position for the native’s father as their health could go downhill. Longevity of father is also affected in some cases. The person may also have an inimical relationship with father. Native may also have problems and issues with siblings too. Moreover, when Ketu is afflicted in ninth house, it makes the person rebellious concerning religion. Also, the person may question the ideals and values of religion they follow.

As a positive trait, if Ketu is placed in the 9th house, it may acquire some characteristics of Mercury. It may provide extra intelligence, the flair for writing, association with religious, social or charitable organizations, association with welfare bodies including orphanages, old-age homes, child welfare shelters etc. In other words, the natives may get more oriented towards helping others particularly the weaker and the needy sections of society.

As a negative trait, natives of Ketu in the ninth house may suffer in matters of inheritance. They may not get their legitimate share from their father or ancestry as others are likely to usurp and encroach on their rights. They may be deceived by their siblings or siblings of their spouse. They may even be tricked by distant relatives or by those who are not at all related to them.

As a conclusion, these natives of Ketu in the ninth house of chart may be inclined towards philanthropic and charitable pursuits. However, sometimes they tend to be naive, which can make them vulnerable. Thus, they should be very careful in financial and other dealings or else their life may become very problematic.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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