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Mars in all 12 houses
Mars in the Seventh House

Mars Placement in the seventh house of chart

In the 7th house, mars suggest that that the sense of having a partner gives you a lot of energy and drive. You seek an active partner, someone who can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you. The energy in the relationship needs constructive outlets. Since you like to do things your way, lack of cooperation could be a problem with partner, in marriage or business. You like the idea of completion in all areas, especially marriage. You need a partner who can challenge you.
It’s likely that your partner will be active, courageous, optimistic, and strong with an ironclad will power. However, he or she may also be dominating, demanding, impatient and aggressive in nature, which could be problematic especially if Mars is in a bad position. Mars here also suggests that your relationship would be full of passion and devotion. Such natives tend to get married at an early age. Love at first sight is quite a common phenomenon among natives having Mars in 7th house.

In this house, mars make the person Manglik. Here, Mars is also responsible for obstruction or delay in marriage. Mars may create misunderstanding and difference of opinion between husband and wife. This has also been observed that ego problems of both may strike to make the situation more unpleasant and difficult. This is desirable that a Manglik boy should marry a Manglik girl or vice versa to nullify the negative effects of the energy released by Mars.

Other relationships are also denoted from the7th house including professional one. In business, the partners are also represented by the planets and their strength placed in seventh house. Afflicted Mars will give disturbed relations amongst partners. This has also been observed that such a native may have problems at his professional front or workplace also. For those who are in the field of marketing, this placement will yield good results as salesmanship requires lot of energy and hectic activities.

As a conclusion, Individuals with Mars in their seventh house experience both ups and downs in their life. It provides the individual with both physical and mental strength to overcome their life hurdles. The presence of Mars in the seventh house provides the natives a wonderful love life with loads of happiness. When this conjunction creates a negative influence, it causes great harm to natives’ relationships and gives rise to traumatic events in their love life.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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