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Mercury in all 12 houses
Mercury in the Tenth House

Mercury Placement in the tenth house of chart.

This house rules the profession but also it relates to social reputation, character, karma, ambition and political concerns. Natives having Mercury in 10th house usually opt for careers in writing and speaking. They can be exceptional teachers as well. You tend to get a lot of recognition from others on account of your brilliant ideas and thoughts. You tend to be very business-minded and intellectual. Other people can see you as an intellectually superior person.

As a native with Mercury in the 10th house, you have the ability to express yourself. You seem to have a number of talents so you are likely to be quite skilled and involved in more than one jobs. You may also travel a lot whether you are doing a job or have a business of your own. You use your intelligence wisely to stay ahead in the game at work. You intend to take wise decisions and naturally get innovative ideas that help you make an impression upon others.

A negative trait, it doesn’t mean that people with Mercury in the tenth house spend money on frivolous things. Everything that they buy has a purpose. However, some may view it as a status symbol. That sports car has all the safety features they want and it gets them to work quickly every day, but so do many other types of vehicles. There may be a difference in perception.
As a positive trait,
People of Mercury in the tenth house might have more than one job going on together for many years. They may change their career directions frequently or they may be attracted to jobs that keep them on the move. These people require frequent changes in settings and activities in order to stay stimulated and challenged. They can bring fresh energy to their conversations or to their job, perhaps because they need that stimulation.

As a conclusion, Mercury in the 10th house natives can be very wise and intelligent. They may even become very good writers. However, they have to be careful about what they buy. They should try to explain to others that it is not a status symbol but a necessity.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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