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Moon in all 12 houses
Moon in the Eleventh House

Moon Placement in the eleventh house of chart

Since this house relates to Labha or gains, it also plays a role in determining what brings you success and gains and what not. Whether your hopes and desires are realized or not also comes under eleventh house. Whether you get success in your endeavors related to higher education, business, litigation, job, or speculation also fall under the rule of eleventh house.

Eleventh house is related to income, gains, prosperity, friends, and elder siblings. If your natal Moon is in 11th house, you are likely to be a cooperative being. You intend to create a homely feel for people around you. You make some long-lasting friendships and bonds with people and these associations often turn out to be helpful in some way. You are quite an easy person to work with. You often indulge in social work and welfare associations.
The people having Moon in 11th house tend to be popular among women. These locals have lots of female friends and associates. What gives you emotional security is the feeling of belongingness, as to a group of friends or a community of some kind. Your friends often assist you in finding the right job and making progress too. A friend’s opinion in career matters is of great importance to you. You have also cordial workplace relationships and believe in teamwork.

All the planets give positive result in 11th house and so are the Moon.11th house represents gains, wishes and friend circle of a native. He loves to develop new relations for mental stimulation and learning. Moon makes him moody and sometimes he may not be aware of the foundation of friendship- whether friendship has been developed on the basis of amusement or on the basis of need to attain some purpose; He tries his level best to achieve his goal of possessing comforts of life with the help of his acquaintances. Friends circle is helpful and supportive. He has charming personality and has special attraction towards opposite sex. Strong Moon indicates public and group support while adverse Moon will make the native oversensitive deprived of good friend circle. Good strength of Moon in this house also shows that mother has special role in the life of such native whom he treats like a friend.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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