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Moon in all 12 houses
Moon in the Fifth House

Moon Placement in the fifth house of chart

The fifth house relates to Leo, the fifth sign in the Zodiac cycle. Jupiter makes the natural signification of this house, which also relates to good luck, fortune, learning and wisdom. The body parts that fifth house rules include stomach, upper and middle back, pancreas, and spine. The fifth house in mundane astrology is thought to represent population and birth rate of the country. Fifth house also represents the ambassadors and national affairs of a country, especially relating to entertainment, education, youth, and sports.

The 5th house represents tendency, creativity, children, higher education, love life, gains, and income from investments etc. If Moon is occupied this house at the time of birth, it increases emotions and feelings in the person. It is a favorable position for love matters. The local is likely to be talented in some creative ways which if developed will take them to new heights. Such a person also has a sound judgment in matters concerning guesses and risk of money.

Such a person should keep their emotions under control when it comes to fulfillment in love life. You tend to have an intensified need to be loved, which sometimes overpowers your behavior. This tendency should be controlled. Moon in 5th house gives a lot of children and the person shares a deep bond with them. They tend to be good at parenting as Moon gives nurturing and caring attitude. The dramatic fields or those involving creativity and speculation are encouraged for a fruitful career for these natives.

5th house belongs to kids, education, creative attitude and artistic pursuits. Placement of strong Moon in positive sign in this house makes its native creative and artistic. He may have special instinct to observe and distinguish the most beautiful and artistic selections. The native believes in learning more and more. He may always be trying to get higher education. Fifth house also stands for kids. Such native have emotional attachment with his children. The native may always be concerned with the well-being and progress of his children. Moon also makes a person jolly in this house with good sense of humor. Also he may have the capacity to read the mind of others as these natives are generally blessed with the power of intuition. Weak, debilitated or afflicted Moon will reduce the good effect as mentioned above and the native may get worried about the health or educational performance of his children. Such local may also develop the tendency to remain depressed.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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