Match Making


A prefect option to check the Compatibility and Harmony between the the couple. A good score of Ashta Guna is not enough. No Question Limit (Duration : 30 Minutes)

Ashta Guna is not a complete Match Making

Yes! it is true! A good Ashta Guna scone alone dose not guarantee a Happy and Successful married life. There are several things needs to be analysed very carefully. Marriage is a beginning of new life and a blessing of harmony. But it can sometimes take away all your sleep and peace of mind. We always try our best to choose a right life partner though investigating partner’s profile and matching kundlies. Or In love marriage we know our partners for years. But after marriage you may find things completely opposite you dreamed for. You are trapped in legal issues, Or your partner have to live away from you for some reason. It’s always better to consult an experience and honest astrologer to check what your destiny hold for your marriage. A chart must be studied to check all sorts of compatibility may it be harmony with life partner or family, financial luck, children issues, sexual compatibility etc.

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