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Rahu in all 12 houses
Rahu in the Fourth House

Rahu Placement in the fourth house of chart.

When there’s a placement of Rahu in this 4th house, the native is strongly rooted in their home culture and desire to own property and land. Despite their ambitious love for home, they bring in foreign element, in the form of foreign people into their homeland. Their childhood is characterized by presence of uncustomary elements such as a foreign tutor. Parents of them may be quite unpredictable in nature. They seek to preserve their foundations and values, but for potentially fraudulent reasons, possibly their desire to have social privileges. The topics of property ownership, vehicle, education, and boundaries interest them.

These natives sometimes claim and inhabit the property of others and can be devious in legal matters involving property ownership. These natives pay a lot of attention to their home decoration, furnishings, and overall style. They try to over-represent their role as parents and/or in someone’s primary education. Some unexpected circumstances could form for the native concerning their mother, land, property, or possessions such as vehicles. Rahu’s effect in this house is disruptive to the outdated traditions concerning settlement and homeland.

As a positive trait, the planet of Rahu is harmful and known for its negative influence on the natives’ life. However, it can also bring about favorable outcomes depending on the position of Rahu in their horoscope. Placement of Rahu in the fourth house makes a powerful impact on the natives’ financial conditions and strengthens their relationship with their wife and mother. Besides, Rahu provides power, recognition and fame. When the placement of Rahu is positive in the horoscope, the natives might experience sudden gains in terms of wealth, power, and business. It also provides intelligence and wisdom. The mother of the natives plays an important role in untangling their life and making them stable again both financially and personally as per the effect of Rahu in the fourth house.

As a negative trait, the Placement of Rahu in fourth house is largely harmful according to Vedic astrology. It makes individuals greedy and they have an excessive urge to get high status in society with unfair means. Natives lack empathy and emotional intelligence towards others.

As a conclusion, Rahu in the 4th house plays an essential role in both, making or destroying one’s life. Most of the Rahu’s influences are malefic and they can bring unfavorable developments that may lead to the depletion of spiritual values.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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