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Rahu in all 12 houses
Rahu in the Twelfth House

Rahu Placement in the twelfth house of chart.

Positioning of Rahu in this house is not considered much as positive in Vedic Astrology. When Rahu is in twelfth house, it forms the chance of jail sentence or hospitalization. In some cases where it is under benefic influence, benefit from association with hospital or jail are likely. This could be an insurance claim or benefit in litigation. That placement of Rahu is a strong indicator of foreign travel; however, a lot depends upon other planetary movements and position.

The imaginary planet of Rahu in the twelfth house also contributes to shoot up expenses, and these expenses often fall under the category of ‘wasteful expenditure’. The person may also indulge in bed comforts, secret relationships, and association with distant lands and foreigners. Involvement in clandestine activities is also possible. The native usually aspires towards elevation through meditation, seclusion, imagination, creativity, privacy, and long distance journeys to distant places. Their imagination is quite passionate. It is fantasy that guides their personality.

As a negative trait, if the planet of Rahu is placed with harmful or malefic planets or has the aspect of such planets, the results may be more troublesome. In spite of hard work, the native may not get the desired income. His expenditures will be higher for the family members or for their diseases. The native has to face unwarranted and false allegations which may compel him to face litigation. Really High mental worries may cause insomnia and sometimes may raise the suicidal tendency.

Also, this native can become victim of black magic and tantric activities easily. He must be careful with such persons or relatives who are indulged in such practices. He should also adopt righteous and religious path to keep his soul pure with high morals otherwise Rahu will become stronger and will increase its harmful effect. He should not make any harm to any person and should try to strengthen his Jupiter.

As a conclusion, there are some cures the native can use for Rahu in this 12th house, he can take some of the meals in the kitchen, it will also help to keep the roof clean and also there should be no cluster on roof.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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