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Saturn in all 12 houses
Saturn in the Fifth House

Saturn Placement in the fifth house of chart.

As we said before that the fifth house of chart is considered a really important house as this house represents Trikona. The 5th house also highlights intellect, the mental strength, learning capacity, social position, progeny, romance, gambling, speculation, creativity and artistic attitude of a the person.

The presence of Saturn in fifth house delays the matters related to fifth house like higher love matters, studies and creativity attitude of the native. Particularly progeny is affected. However, the Sign in which Saturn is placed is more important. If the Sign is favorable for Saturn or Saturn is placed with his friendly planets like Mercury and Venus, the results will be positive.

Such a person, the family life for him is affected too, also he have to face that his parents is strict or basically the atmosphere of strict discipline in his childhood. The negative Saturn also indicates health problems related to gall bladder, stomach and pancreas.

In this position Saturn also gives problems in progeny or parenthood. This placement of the planet Saturn also indicates a small family. You might become a strict parent, and your children would lead a disciplined life under your guidance. You could take parenting as a serious responsibility, but since it seems more like a duty than will, you struggle to offer love and affection to your children the way you should. This inability to express your emotions to those who matter should be curbed down in order to enjoy healthy and balanced relationships.

There’s a cure or a remedy for Saturn in the 5th house and it basically says that you shouldn’t build a house before the age of 48.

There’s one good thing about Saturn’s transit in the fifth house is that the person will be in check when they get too loud and vocal. When they become excessively emotional, they will realize the situation and calm down in a short while. Those who see them from far may not understand their worth but their near and dear ones know very well the grandeur of their personality and their inherent goodness.

As a conclusion we can say that natives of Saturn in the fifth house can do wonders but they have to overcome their inner resistance and rigidity. They have to stop being so serious in life and move towards more joy. If life is not all fun, it is also not all bore.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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