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Venus in the all 12 houses
Venus in the Eleventh House

Venus Placement in the eleventh house of chart

The planet of Venus in the eleventh house gives the native an affable personality. Such a person is quick to make friends. You tend to be quite popular and liked among your social sphere. You also get a lot of support from your friend circle when needed. You may receive financial assistance from your social connections. Natives with this placement of Venus have a strong desire to relax with friends. These natives should be really careful that they do not over-indulge when hanging out with friends.

As a native having Venus in this house, you should be careful not to spend too much on entertainment and leisure. You also have a tendency to become a people pleaser. Natives with Venus in the eleventh house should not suppress their own identity in an attempt to please others. Most of your friends are likely to be female companions. Your friendships often turn into love attachments.

Also, the planet of Venus in the 11th house can show someone who supplements their income through Venusian things, such as dealing or investing in art, fashion, cosmetics, or jewelry. The eleventh house relates to what one desires, so one may desire luxuries, comforts and beautiful things and may have them depending on the dignity of Venus. The person may have personal goals related to achievements in the arts. It really can show that one has a good relationship with the greater public. They may have a nurturing or diplomatic role in relation to an institution or the greater public, a community, or group of friends and be recognized for this. They may work with women in an institution or the public, or have many female friends. The native may have a good relationship with and benefit from their older siblings.

The planet of Venus in this house of chart is influenced by Saturn and Jupiter, because this house belongs to Jupiter and Saturn. This house is aspected by 3rd house which is influenced by Mars and Mercury. Person’s wife, through her brothers, will prove very beneficial.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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