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Venus in the all 12 houses
Venus in the Tenth House

Venus Placement in the tenth house of chart

When you have Venus in your tenth house of chart, it gives you a pleasant and cheerful personality. You tend to be a balanced and compelling individual, which is why you get lots of attention from people. You are liked and appreciated by everyone at work as well as in other areas of life. People generally think of your welfare and don’t mind doing things for you. This however can sometimes make you dependent and lazy in attitude.

You really have this ability to make people work for you. But you should be self-reliant and not abuse this power. Your outlook towards life is positive; you tend to see the world from rose-colored glasses. You’re easygoing, sociable and affectionate behavior helps you a lot in life. Venus in 10th house leads to a career in music, singing, and speaking. You may get to utilize your voice in some way, most probably to inspire others. You financial position is also likely to be stable.

As a positive trait, other people tend to respect these natives for their charming manner, and they have many admirers, although some of these are admirers from afar, as there is an aura about them that is charming yet strangely (and intriguingly) distant. The natives of Venus in tenth house have a great need to be recognized or admired for their charm, beauty, or loving manner, but should be careful not to become too wrapped up in what others think of them. Some natives of Venus in the 10th house are “married” to their work or to their image. This may take some toll on their actual marriage. Besides, these natives are good at making contacts and organizing social events.

As a negative trait, natives having Venus in the tenth house from lagna have to be careful that their need for validation doesn’t get in the way of finding that special someone. Not everyone is as concerned with status as they are. So, these natives should not have too many expectations. Rather they should find someone with similar interests and the rest will fall into place.

As a conclusion, the natives of Venus in tenth house may raise high in profession. They may also become quite popular. However, they should not become excessively concerned about what others think and talk about them.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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