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Venus in the all 12 houses
Venus in the Twelfth House

Venus Placement in the twelfth house of chart

If you have the planet of Venus in this house that means you will have a strong desire to live in seclusion. There are times when you just want to get away from the daily grind and escape social life. You strongly seek to unravel the meaning of life. You are likely to be secretive in your dealings and affairs. Secret relationship with opposite sex is also a possibility with you. You are a reserved being and like to keep your feelings to yourself. Venus in 12th house also makes you a helping and compassionate person, with a strong sense of servitude. Other people’s misfortunes move your heart.

As a native you don’t believe in success that is measured by your material possessions and social fame. You are strongly inclined towards psychic and metaphysical realms. Your affections and attachments often become a medium to hostility with others. You need inner satisfaction to sustain. Sometimes, you are too attached to memories and keep one foot buried in the past. Overall, it is a really difficult position for the native as there are periods of hidden bliss as well as hidden sorrow in life.

The planet of Venus in this twelfth house can show that the person will seek fulfillment through twelfth house things. They may spend money on luxuries, fashion, vacations, retreats, and other things that nurture them such as spa treatments and therapies, or they may incur losses on account of those things. The twelfth house is connected with bed pleasures, so Venus here can show someone who enjoys the idea of marriage. If the planet of Venus is afflicted, it may show someone who is prone to addictions or escapism because they are not able to find comfort in life. It can show someone who is a caregiver in places where people are institutionalized and/or places where people die, such as a nurse, a prison therapist, or a hospice volunteer.

It’s noted that Venus in the twelfth house gives a male immense desire for physical relationship with opposite sex, but it is no proof of a robust sexual life. Generally Venus in the twelfth house doesn’t lead an individual towards debts unless drinks or drugs or intoxication of any kind on regular basis overtake the habits of the individual.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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