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Yoga in astrology
YOGAS Formed By Moon
YOGAS Formed By Moon

As we know, moon is very important in Astrology. Astrologically, yoga relates to celestial variations and their unique impacts on the individual’s existence. In traditional Indian ephemeris, known as Panchangam, yoga is also the name of a specific division of time, which is 27 in number. This time-division varies from that of the asterisks, which are also 27 in number.In order to examine and forecast a person’s existence as well as future events in his life, our great Rishis and seers have built a method to explore such special planet combinations of planets in a circle. There are a variety of Yogas in Indian astrology. We will discuss some essential Yoga based on the location of the Moon:


When the planet enters the second room, where the moon is situated without discomfort, except Rahu, Ketu and Sun, it creates a Sunafa Yoga. It should also be noted that Moon should be placed in the D-9, Navamsha chart. Such an indigenous individual is very skilled and well known. Your speech is compelling and optimistic. These people make good by working hard. We are good inspirers and lead a happy family life. It’s smart, sexy, well-known and well-managed as well. These indigenous people tend to like reading religious books. They also have good health and sport excellence.

There are so many benefits of the Sunafa yoga such as: intelligence, mental strength, wealth, fame and the respect in society. Sunafa Yoga is a combination of Vedic astrology that intelligently gives the native person. It also contributes to money and popular growth.

Planet Moon is the actual sense or consciousness in astrology and thus needs to be provided with healthy intellect in the company of other planets. The partnership between these planets and the Moon in a map is also very critical to determine on the native’s wealth.

In order to know that Sunafa yoga is strong we need to check two things:

  • Moon must be not afflicted by any malefic planets.
  • Planets are not afflicted in the second house of the Moon.



When one or more planets except Rahu, Ketu and Sun are located in the 12th house from which the Moon is located, Anafa Yoga is created. The native with an appealing personality is supported with this Yoga. Some talk about your irresistible charisma. You have many positive qualities. You have a courteous yet persuasive way to speak. You are doing well in discussions and communications areas. In culture, you are usually gaining more fame and admiration. You are well and financially content with your whole life.

People having Anafa yoga will have a dynamic, magnetic personality. This should be assisted by both the political and the bureaucratic officers. Anafa yoga brings wealth and glory to the local.

If the planet Moon is powerful, the native could do well in a field that requires a fertile imagination. If Mars is strong, the native will do well in security, police, and sports. If the planet Mercury is strong, the native will be full of success as a media professional.

If the planet Jupiter is solid, the native will do well in banking, finance, insurance and education. If Venus is powerful, the native will have achievements in art and entertainment.

If the planet Saturn is strong, the native will do well in mining, machinery and engineering.Saturn also might lead to many difficulties and presence of the nodes may create problematic life.

If the planet Sun is powerful, the native one will do well as the administrator.


When one or more planets, except Rahu, Ketu and Sun, inhabit both the second and the twelfth house of Moon, i.e. the house just ahead and behind Moon, Durudhara Yoga is created. Planets, however, should not be under any malevolent influence. The effect of this Yoga depends a lot on the power of the planets involved. In general, aboriginal people need the opportunity to work hard. This yoga brings knowledge to the citizen. Such men know how to find a way out. A spirit, however, is sweet. They make a decent living with their efforts and hard work. In general, they also have the resources needed to succeed. They make a good name in society and enjoy a happy life with their friends and family.

The person who has this yoga wins over the enemy and stays safe for any major illness (beneficial results linked to the 6th house). He will also enjoy the patronage of rulers, officials, or people of authority, and receive their support. He’s going to have a long and pleasant marital life (beneficial outcomes for the 7th house). He’s going to have a long life, free from debts and mishap and suffering (beneficial results linked to the 8th house). He’s going to have fame, earn respect, have leadership skills and earn a lot of money (special outcomes from all three houses combined).

In the case of Paap Adhi Yoga, the outcomes should be opposite and, in the case of Mixed Adhi Yoga, the good or malevolent effects of the 6th, 7th or 8th houses should come to the fore.

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