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Yoga in astrology
YOGAS Formed By Sun
YOGAS Formed By Sun

Sun is a major planet in Vedic astrology. Sun refers to the philosophy of Surya Bhagwan. He’s going to rule the Sign of Leo. In reality, the Sun is a proud world. Through mythological stories, the lord drives a chariot.

In the physical body, Sun stands for our head. This planet is Tamasic, and it needs a steady direction to keep it in the right, positive soul. Sun regulates our internal amount of electricity. But, in the case that someone has a rash, then this essentially indicates Sun discomfort.

As in the case of Vedic Astrology, when any planet is placed in any house of Astrology, at that point it gives different results from when it is in a mix with another planet.

The combination of the Sun and the different planets and the results have their own meaning in astrology.


When every earth, except Rahu, Ketu and Moon, is put second from the Sun, it is called Veshi Yoga. This Yoga gives a real, faithful and godly personality. Those born under this Yoga are spiritually inclined. You are also excellent at conversation and discussion. Your voice is still focused on fact. This Yoga also provides more than one source of income.

If the benefices are put in this yoga, the native would be a religious tool by which he would like to engage in religious activities. He’s going to be honest, fortunate, and he’s going to lead a happy life, even though he may face some financial challenges in his life, but the same is going to be resolved by the passage of time. If this yoga is formed by malefic planets, the native will face problems in his life.

This makes the person smart and gives him the consistency of authority. Because of the influence of this practice, the person will become increasingly capable of political and social work. He’s going to get recognition and appreciation from people in general.

The person who has this Yoga in his introduction to the world explains it because he faces issues in his operation or company. He may also face financial challenges, which may have caused him to lose face at work.

The beneficial effects of Veshi Yoga may vary from horoscope to horoscope depending on the planets involved in the formation of Veshi Yoga, the strength of these planets, the location of these planets, and many other aspects of the horoscope.


Vashi Yoga is formed when any planet except Rahu, Ketu and Moon is placed 12th from the Sun. In this situation, the native has an exclusive role in the government. Such natives are enjoying a kingly life. They’re very clever and intellectual. Their memory is clear and their will is solid. Such natives are very hard-working. We are very charitable, and they do have a lot of sponsorship and charity.

It should be remembered that the appearance of Moon, Rahu or Ketu alone in the house prior to the Sun’s placement is not considered to be the creation of Vashi Yoga, and hence one or more planets other than Moon, Rahu or Ketu should be present in the house prior to the Sun’s placement in the horoscope for the creation of Veshi Yoga in that horoscope.

Just like Veshi Yoga, the actual results given by Vashi Yoga can change from horoscope to horoscope, as Vashi Yoga does not form in many horoscopes according to its prevalent definition. In order to properly shape Vashi Yoga in the horoscope, all the planets involved in the creation of this Yoga should be helpful or positive in the horoscope, and none of these planets should function negative in the horoscope, which means that both the Moon and the planets present in the 12th house from the Moon should all be positive in the horoscope as a mixture of negative or malefic planets in the horoscope, Such a combination of malefic planets may cause serious negative effects in the horoscope.


When there is any planet except Rahu, Ketu and Moon in one house ahead of where the Sun is located, it is called Ubhayachari Yoga, meaning that any planet except Rahu, Ketu and Moon is in the second and twelfth house of the Sun. A person like this appears to have a sophisticated personality. Native is well-mannered, courageous, and has a strong social life, too. This Yoga provides the native with ample wealth and the luxury of his servants. Native lives a comfortable life and earns a lot of encouragement from community.

Or, for example, the existence of malefic Mars on one side of the Sun and the existence of Malefic Saturn on the other side of the Sun in the horoscope does not contribute to the creation of Ubhayachari yoga in the horoscope and, on the contrary, such a combination will yield catastrophic results for the person, depending on the power and importance of these malefic planets in the horoscope. In certain serious situations, such a Light confinement by malefic planets on both sides can result in long-term incarceration, hospitalization and life-threatening illnesses, and some of these natives might potentially be killed or commit suicide under such a malevolent impact.

Such a person is well-behaved, educated, and resourceful. If the benefices are involved in this yoga, the individual will be brave with a strong circle of friends. Malefic stars, however, minimize the beneficial impact of this yoga.

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