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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Astrology Consultation helps me?

First, let me tell you that I came to astrology as a skeptic. I am a Creative Professional and found it very hard to believe that planets could control my destiny. I spent 10 years attempting to unveil astrology as a deceitful art. Obviously, that didn’t work out. But that does not mean that I turned off my practical mind. I still think very dynamically and critically about astrology as an intuitive art. I look at astrology as part of an overall divine framework for my life, which includes my faith in God. I cannot describe God, but I can feel God as someone with an active sense of the divine in our lives.

Astrology is a great tool to understand the cosmic cycles you’re undergoing. As Cosmic Cycle, or say Planetary (Mahadasha & Anterdasha) Period, affects a human, it motivates you to do something or to ignore something, to get excited for something or feel annoyed for something. It opens doors for your success or digs an unfathomable hole of failure. Sometimes, very little effort brings about tremendous results and sometimes, even after putting your very best (along with all your money), you get nothing. It’s a real mood swinger. You plan and educate yourself for something, and you end up doing something else. Planetary Period, when favorable as per your Birth Chart, can bring all sorts of happiness and boom. But when they are not favorable, you can feel fear, insecurity, experience heavy debts, losses, accidents, metal depression and crucial health issues.

Through an Astrological Consultation, you can know and plan regarding major decisions of your life, like Education, Career, Marriage or Married Life, Children, Health, Job or Business, Finances, Stability, etc.

Q. How can I pay consultation fee?

Option 1 : Pay via digital wallet
All Indian can pay the consultation fee through Google Pay or Paytm at +91 9773959523 and share the birth related details (Full name, Date of birth, time of birth, place of birth with calling no. whatsapp no. and mail id) at +91 97739 59523 or

Option 2 : Direct Bank Transfer
You can also deposit the consultation fee at below mentioned account and share payment deposite recipt screenshot along with all the required details (Full name, Date of birth, time of birth, place of birth with calling no. whatsapp no. and mail id) at +91 97739 59523 or

Bank Details
A/c Type : Current
A/c No. 102505004161
IFSC Code : 102505004161

Option 3 : Via website payment gateway
You can pay the consultation fee via Website Payment Gateway using Debit or Credit card (It has 56 Banks banks, all famous wallets like Paytm, PhonePe etc. ) and BhimUPI.

Payment Option for Foreigners and NRIs
Foreign Nationals, NRIs, or Anybody booking consultation from foreign land need to pay by using Paypal (Paypal accept all major Debit or Credit Cards) or Direct Bank Transfer . (You can request for banking details on whatsapp or by sending a mail at

Q. What is consultation fee

INR 5100/- Duration : 30 Mins For discount/offers please check the latest Videos or Offers.

Consultation Fee for foreign Nationals, NRIs or Indian calling from foreign countries.

USD 71/- or INR 5100/- Duration : 30 Mins ( Max three question can be asked)

Q. Consultation + Detailed Horoscope Fee

The Cost of Detailed Horoscope (Soft Copy PDF) along with consultation is INR 11,000/- for Indian Residents.

The Cost of Detailed Horoscope (Soft Copy PDF) along with consultation is USD 151/- or INR 11000/- for foreign nationals.

Q. Consultation Medium?

Consultation can be done on Skype, a Phone Call or via email.

Q. Consultation Duration?

General Horoscope Duration: 30 Mins

Match Making: 45 Mins (Max 10 Question can be asked)

Q. How many kundali can be discussed in one consultation?

Only one Kundali (Birthchart) will be discussed in the 30 Minutes duration. But, If we found the requirement depending upon question. We can refer the other’s person Kundali (BirthChart) aswell. (Applicable for a 30 Mins consultation only)

Q. Can I/You change the consultation Date or Timing?

The Time Slot for consultation can be changed once if urgent, and new date and time will be then communicated.

Q. What can be consultation language?

Consultation language can either be English or Hindi as per your convenience.

Q. Is consultation once booked can be canceled?

It cannot be canceled or refundable. But you can request for a change of the Date and Timing of the consultation only once, subject to consultation slot availability.

Q. Do you provide face to face consultation?

No, Right now due to covid-19. We are not providing face to face consultation currently. Only Telephonic, Skype and Email consultation can be availed.

Q. Will my information be confidential and not disclosed to anyone?

Yes, you can trust us for this. We keep all the provided details 100% confidential and never disclose it with anyone.

Q. What tools and technique do you use to make a Prediction?

We follow a system approach to deeply analyse a birth chart. Starting from Lagna, Moon Chart, Navamsha and other related divisional chart based on your questions, All horoscopes are deeply analysed while keeping the dasha system and transits in core concern. We also analyse the shadbala, bhav bala, Astakvarga and all important good and bad yogas. Planetsnhouses majorly follow Parashara’s Vedic Astrology system and principles. But a lots of researched also been done in modern time as well. And Jyotishacharya Hemant Barua is a Researcher of Vedic Astrology therefore we use all the modern tools and techniques as well to render the best result from a Horoscope. To answer customer questions more accurately we also use numerology’s and Vastu’s core concepts.

Q. Can I get some discount if I want to get analyses more than one chart.

Yes! You can get a discount for the same. But you need to contact our customer care center to obtain a discount code if you wish to pay the consultation fee via website. For other payment options you can get a discounted Consultation Fee for the same and pay it at Google pay, Paytm or by Direct Bank Transfer.

Testimonial : Your Feedback is our Treasure

Highly Recommend

Satinder Kaur

Hi Hemant Sir

Thankyou so much for well explained of my birth chart and I am totally satisfied with your service. Highly Recommend

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Explored my chart quite precisely

Dr. P Kumar

Recently, I got an opportunity to get my birth chart evaluated by Hemant. He evaluated n explored my chart quite precisely. His readings of my past career events and my personality are amazingly accurate and insightful. The fact that he was able to do this just by reading my chart without knowing anything about me is testimony to his outstanding knowledge. I felt an instant connection with his warm, engaging and expressive style of consultation. He validated some issues, greatly clarified (with specifics!) and gave me serious food for thought in other areas. He is very clear in his interpretation and delivery. I highly appreciate that! It was very helpful for me to clarify certain questions. It gave me clear insight to some important issues. Thanks Hemant so much for your reading. It was really helpful! You will be hearing from me again and quite likely several of my friends too!

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Truly amazing astrologer

Arvind Gojra

Hi Hemant,
Thanks for your advice, its been a great pleasure speaking to yourself, I am greatly blessed with the in depth practical guidance approach you have towards astrology. I did consulted few astrologer before yourself but they put me in dilemma as to do the rituals and wear stones that would have costed read more

me a fortune but after speaking to yourself all the beliefs that I have been told were shattered and your guidance as how to move for the better has been of great help. I shall definitely recommend yourself if anybody like me needs guidance.I shall be in touch for your guidance time to time.

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Exceptional Reading

Divya Dey

Me & my husband have been going through really rough phase from past 2 years. Despite putting our 100% in every job or business we were unable to succeed. We both are not very keen believers of Astrology but after meeting & hearing few explanatory points from Mr. Hemant Barua I had an urge to know about what is the behavior of various planets in my husband’s kundili. Believe me, after reading my husband’s chart he gave me a very clear & in depth insight of how & why things are happening that way. I found his readings quite mature & true as he described my husband’s nature very correctly. He has shown me a really clear path & by walking on the same I & my husband have felt positive changes.

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Deep Horoscope Analyses


Ask any number of Questions Related to any area of your life, like Business, Job, Love Relationship, Foreign Settlement, Marriage, Children, Health, Wealth etc. (Duration : 30 Minutes and No Question Limit) 

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Match Making


A prefect option to check the Compatibility and Harmony between the the couple. A good score of Ashta Guna is not enough. No Question Limit (Duration : 30 Minutes)

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Deep Horoscope Analyses


Good for 2-3 questions related to any area of your life, like Business, Job, Love Relationship, Foreign Settlement, Marriage, Children, Health, Wealth etc. (Duration : 20 Minutes and No Question Limit) 

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Deep Horoscope Analyses


Good for single question related to any area of your life, like Business, Job, Love Relationship, Foreign Settlement, Marriage, Children, Health, Wealth etc. (Duration : 10 Minutes and No Question Limit) 


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