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True love can be compared to the rarest of gems. Real love is unconditional but it is the most fulfilling feeling in the world to receive the same love you give. In order to be successful in love and relationships, the stars must align in your favour. It may sound complicated, but every relationship requires compatibility and that can only be determined by the principles of Vedic Astrology.

The fifth house and it’s related planets such as Venus bring relationships in life. These two factors must be strong enough in order to bring it forth. If the planet Venus is debilitated, it leads to interactions with the opposite sex but it will not result in a loving relationship. The relationship can only be established depending on what is influencing Venus and the sign in which Venus is situated.


The Sun that is responsible for ego presents as a barrier as it will not provide flexibility to establish a relationship. Similarly, other characteristics of planets in the relationship will suffer.

If there is any deviation in the fifth house by inauspicious planets and houses, this leads to the relationship to disintegrate soon.

A loving relationship is sustained based on compatibility and trust. The establishment depends on the connections between first, fifth, and eleventh houses. The most important factor it depends on is the planet Venus. The longevity of the relationship depends on Jupiter’s association with the houses.

Planetary transit, also commonly known as Gochar can provide you an insight about the month and year of relationship terms. For instance it can foresee the month and year of when a new relationship will start, or when an existing one ends. With the help of an astrologer you can gain a deeper insight on how to approach the new relationships or nurture pre existing ones with the help of your birth chart analysis.

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Always believes in giving genuine and best astrology solutions to any stubborn problems in life. Majority of his clients are through reference and he is highly recommended by celebrities too. All his clients feel so connected with him that they keep sharing their true experience about astrology consultations and always recommend him as their first choice whether it is career consultation, business consultation, job consultation, finance astrology consultation, or marriage matchmaking astrology.

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Dr. Hemant Barua strongly believes in unfolding the secrets of Vedic astrology therefore he has been sharing his deep and ocean like vast knowledge of Vedic astrology through his YouTube videos. His experience and deep understanding of astrology is what made him the most trusted and famous astrologer in India. He is also an internationally renowned astrologer because of his pure talent and passion for perfect horoscope.

He makes monthly and yearly horoscope videos with proper research without feeding lies. His calm, humble, and down to earth personality makes him cherished and loved by all his viewers internationally. To spread the knowledge of astrology into the masses, he is all set to release a very useful book on astrology, which will be extremely beneficial for all astrology enthusiasts out there.

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