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Kundli Match Making

Does Astrology Help you in Finding a Perfect Match?

No! it does not help you Exactly, as Majority of Astrologers are merely dependent upon Asthakoota or Dasa kuta Gun Milan System, and ignore some crucial facts which are prominent in the search of a partner.

There is so much apprehension about doing Match making and getting a perfect life partner with the help of astrology. Internationally acclaimed and one of the best astrologers in India Jyotishacharya Dr. Hemant Barua has demystified a lot of things about matchmaking.

It is always believed and said that marriages are made in heaven. And out of 16 Samaskars, marriage is one most important Samskars. It is the most important and beautiful event of a person’s life.  And everybody wants a perfect harmonious life partner in his/her life. Irrespective of the fact that it is a love marriage or an arrange marriage, we all look for lifetime togetherness, happiness, harmony and togetherness.


There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion or company than a good marriage.

Best marriage match maker Jyotishacharya Hemant Barua has mentioned that nowadays Ashta Kuta Marriage Matching is famous among the society. In South India – Dasa Kuta Marriage Matching is popular. These are all based on the Moon Sign and Nakshtra and not on the planetary aspects which are taken into consideration. While fact is marriage is not purely based on Emotions. Married life also needs Longevity, Long Married Life, Good and Secure Financial Status, Progeny, Social Status, Family Harmony, Good Physical and Emotional Relationship and Health. All this cannot be analyzed perfectly merely doing Gun Milan through Asthakoota or Dasa kuta system, as for a perfect match making exact planetary position, Dasha, Yog forming is very critical. An experienced astrologer can only do it with all perfections. Online tools are the most inappropriate way to do matchmaking.

Based on planetary configuration for strength of planets and houses for longevity, health, finance, nature, temperament and progeny. Astrologist simultaneously must advise the remedial measures for health (based on medical astrology including progeny and temperament). This will help in improving these traits before the wedding date arrives.

Th term Jyotish or Jyotisha is derived from Sanskrit, which means “the science of heavenly bodies,” although it is at times also interpreted differently as “the science of light.” as it can lighten up all aspects of human life including marriage.

In case, one of the partners does not have accurate birth time, in that case astakoota system and dasakoota system fails completely and only an experienced astrologer can crack the match. Jyotishacharya Dr. Hemant Barua is top astrologer in India and he has analyzed thousands of such horoscopes and lead to successful marriages. He has shared extensive research for match making and he even keep sharing the knowledge to other people making them aware through his YouTube channel planetsnhouses. He has won 100s of prestigious awards Including Global Jyotish Srehstham and Jyotish Ratan Award in 2021. People all across the globe discuss and seek his consultation for all aspects of life.

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Dr. Hemant Barua

Always believes in giving genuine and best astrology solutions to any stubborn problems in life. Majority of his clients are through reference and he is highly recommended by celebrities too. All his clients feel so connected with him that they keep sharing their true experience about astrology consultations and always recommend him as their first choice whether it is career consultation, business consultation, job consultation, finance astrology consultation, or marriage matchmaking astrology.

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Highly trusted and watched astrologer

Dr. Hemant Barua strongly believes in unfolding the secrets of Vedic astrology therefore he has been sharing his deep and ocean like vast knowledge of Vedic astrology through his YouTube videos. His experience and deep understanding of astrology is what made him the most trusted and famous astrologer in India. He is also an internationally renowned astrologer because of his pure talent and passion for perfect horoscope.

He makes monthly and yearly horoscope videos with proper research without feeding lies. His calm, humble, and down to earth personality makes him cherished and loved by all his viewers internationally. To spread the knowledge of astrology into the masses, he is all set to release a very useful book on astrology, which will be extremely beneficial for all astrology enthusiasts out there.

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