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Guru Chandal Yoga


Yoga formed when Jupiter is in conjunction with, or appears to be, Rahu or Ketu. The characteristics of Jupiter and Rahu are combined together and have an influence on the individual’s life. It makes the person depraved and vulnerable to immoral and unethical conduct. Good or bad outcomes will depend on whether Jupiter is a beneficent / maleficent in the birth chart. It will provide results on the basis of which house yoga occurs. Planets that are associated with or aspecting this combination also modify the results.

The native is likely to behave immorally and to commit a number of misdeeds. However, the findings are not as alarming as they are meant to be. Different results are obtained for the combination in different rooms, but if beneficial planets are present with this combination or this combination is aligned with beneficial planets, the results are auspicious as the inauspiciousness decreases.

The result of Guru Chandal Dosh in the different houses

If Guru Chandala Yoga is found in First House, then the native will be very ambitious and self-centered. This role should offer the native a drive to excel in the material world. It gives the native wealth and wealth. This position also gives knowledge and makes the native person learned and respected. But this position will give the native a suspicious nature and many vices, such as lack of gratitude, selfishness, to portray others in the negative light. There would be a need to stay in isolation.

The strong Jupiter in the Second house will make the native wealthy, prosperous and healthy. Nevertheless, the poor or sick Jupiter will carry a conflict among the family members, and the loss of money and life will be traumatic.

If this combination occurs in the Third house, the native speaker is poisonous. He’s going to be very strange in his thoughts. He will never think twice about betraying others and climbing the ladder of opportunity. When Jupiter is malefic, the native spreads a lot of hate around him. Such individuals are very brave and effective in the environments where bravery is required.

If this combination is in the Fourth house, the native will be deceitful and cunning. He’s going to have a good ability to convince others. There is going to be chaos in the family life. The native can own more than one home. The local, however, is effective in the field of education and earns money. If Jupiter and Rahu are conjunct in the fourth room, and there is a beneficent aspect to them, the individual is very religiously wealthy and may be a lawyer.

If the mixture is in the Fifth house, then the native is very unlucky in matters of culture, the offspring. There’s going to be trouble having children. The enmity with infants, including the death of babies, is implied. But if Jupiter is beneficent, and Mercury is with this mixture, then the local is really intelligent.

This mixture in the Sixth house is going to offer the native results. He’s going to amass a lot of money. However, the health of the native will always be dizzy. The native is likely to suffer from intestinal diseases, as well as from diseases that are not easily detected. Such natives are very skeptical of their faith and may alter their religious convictions over their lifespan.

This combination in the Seventh house will bring chaos to the individual’s married life. Thanks to this combination, several secret covert activities of the spouse are suggested. The native will not have a godly wife. But if Jupiter is beneficent and enjoys beneficent qualities, then the native’s life is attracted to faith and religious practice.

This combination in the Eighth house will bring destruction and an unexpected end to the native’s life. The native is likely to have an accident. The benefits of this combination give mysterious and occult knowledge. If Rahu and Jupiter combine in the 8th house, the native may suffer from colic pain or be injured near the Navy. These injuries are likely to give life to long scars.

If the planet Jupiter is effectively situated in the Ninth House, the native would have riches in any way. If the planet Jupiter is infected, the native will have a bad relationship with the parent. The performance of the native man would be delayed.

In the Tenth house, although the native will have land, resources and success in his profession and business, the native will have less moral values. The native would be oblivious to his own people.

In the Eleventh house, the Guru Chandal Dosh is considered to be auspicious. The native is going to have capital from various sources. The native would establish wealth not only through personal initiative, but also through inheritance.

This mixture in the Twelfth house makes the native very unhappy. He’s going to be dumb and disrespected by everyone. He is likely to be punished for wrongdoing. Secluded life has been indicated. But if Jupiter is a beneficent and beneficent planet part of this mixture, then the native may be very interested in religious matters. They can function in temples and religious ashrams.

Some measures in order to avoid Guru or Chandal Yoga.

– To be able to understand Guru or Chandal Yoga, it’s necessary to realize that Rahu affects most of you, that is, you have to please Rahu and chant mantras to settle Rahu down.

– If this defect is made in the enemy’s zodiac sign, then peace and peace are needed to please Rahu and Guru. With this, feed the cow daily and worship Lord Hanuman.

– In order to transcend any distress worship of the Lord, Shiva is deemed fundamental and devotion to obtain redemption from Chandal Yoga. Jalabhishek, Lord Shiva.

– To stop the evil side of the master’s worship of bananas, using turmeric and sandalwood tilaks. Make a recitation of the mantra of Rahu-Guru and worship, make a havan and a home at home. Donate some things, too.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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