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Shakat Yoga


Shakat Yoga is considered to be one of the very bad yoga developed in the horoscope according to Vedic astrology, and it is believed that the creation of this yoga in the horoscope will yield very bad results in terms of the financial prosperity of the person. Shakat yoga is established in a horoscope due to the reciprocal relationship between Jupiter and Moon, much as in the case of Gaj Kesari Yoga, but Shakat yoga is correlated with malefic outcomes instead of beneficial outcomes.

According to the prevalent concept of Shakat Yoga, if Moon is put in the 6th or 8th house of Jupiter in a horoscope, Shakat Yoga is created in a horoscope that can produce bad results regarding the financial prosperity of the person. Some astrologers believe that the presence of Moon in the 12th house of Jupiter also forms Shakat Yoga in the horoscope, and before discussing the actual results of Shakat Yoga in the horoscope.

Shakat is a cart that rolls on the rim. Just as the wheels travel up and down, so too does the individual who has Shakat Yoga in their birth chart see several upheavals in life. According to Astrology, if this Yoga is not cancelled by a favorable mix, even a person born in a well-to-do family will face economic difficulties and challenges in life. It’s important to know how this yoga is canceled by favorable combinations, but before that let us see how Shakat Yoga is created.

When Jupiter is in the 1st house or the 10th house of the Pisces or Sagittarius ascendant then this yoga is partially successful, it means that this yoga will have less bad effects in life. If Moon is the ascendant in Cancer and Cancer be the ascendant so the negative impact of this yoga would be negligible.

From some personal experiences, people have found that a person with yoga is unpopular with friends and can’t make good friends. He wastes funds quickly and doesn’t keep track of his expenditures. He’s going to have to make a list of any cost to conserve money. Some astrologers have argued that there is some evidence of Sakata Yoga people who lose all their property but have recovered it after some time in their lives.

In astrology, there is no specific remedy for this yoga. Sometime, if the Moon is in the 6th, 8th or 12th house or in a vulnerable spot, then a solution to the Moon is suggested. Same way, if Jupiter is a week or 6th, 8th or 12th home, then Jupiter’s solution is suggested here. Native people should pray to God daily to reduce the impact. Shakat Yoga is the malevolent yoga of the native. Native is expected to get a cure for this yoga. Please create our free horoscope to learn if you have Shakat Yoga.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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