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Best Astrologer for Love Problems

Best Astrologer for Love Problems

Love is one of the strongest yet most tender emotions that we can feel. It is the most powerful connection that one can feel with another person, and this single feeling can bind people for years to come. However, something as beautiful as love comes with its own challenges. It comes with its share of hardships and difficulties, but true love sustains only when these challenges are faced together. While all the decisions to sustain a relationship rests with the couple, consulting an expert astrologer can also help solve love problems. However, even the best astrologer for love problem alone can solve every problem that a couple might face, and they have to put a certain amount of effort to sustain their relationship. If you are seeking the consultation of a Jyotishi, you should go for one of the best astrologer in India, Jyotishacharya Hemant Barua being a leading name among them. A very famous celebrity astrologer in India, Jyotishacharya Hemant Barua will surely help solve your troubles and give suggestions to make your bond stronger.

However, astrology does not only provide solutions to couples who are in a relationship facing problems like incompatibility, betrayal, emotional distance, etc. It can also prove helpful for individuals who are looking for true love yet unable to find someone who their heart seeks, for people suffering through heartbreaks, and seeking emotional connection but not finding any. One can also seek consultations for knowing the future of a relationship, whether the relationship will have a future and end into marriage or not, and how the compatibility will be between the two people.

How does Love Astrology Work, and is it Effective? 

When it comes to the matters of love and marriage of an individual, the laws of Karma play a very crucial role. The destiny of two hearts and souls, and whether their love will end up as magically as the movie screens or not, depends on how they have settled their karmic debts.

Planets also play a very major role when it comes to love and attraction. If a planet is strong in a native’s horoscope, they would be attracted to and fascinated by the people and their planets. It also depends on the planetary periods, as several times, certain attractions are only temporary and last until the cycle of the planet lasts. Therefore, only an astrologer can guide the native on which of their relationships is only temporary, and which would be their one true love.

The role played by Planets

The planet Venus plays a pivotal role in the matters of love. In the 12 houses of the person’s horoscope, one of them is meant for love. And the success or the failure in love and marital prospects is guided by the planet Venus, especially for men. For women, the same is guided by Mars and Jupiter. The Sun also plays a very crucial part in the love life of a woman and its position often helps predict her relationship with her husband. It is believed that there are chances of separation from the husband if the Sun is in the 7th house of a woman’s birth chart. For men, the Moon also plays a pivotal role in terms of love and marriage. It is believed that a beautiful and caring wife awaits a man if his Moon is strong in the chart. However, in case the Moon is accepting Saturn, it might cause the marriage to be delayed.

It is believed that if the Sun and Moon are positioned properly in a native’s chart, they will have a happy marriage. However, a weak Venus is a bad news, as it signifies a short-lived marriage.

The Houses that Matter

The 5th and 7th houses in the birth chart are crucial when it comes to love, marriage, and conjugal harmony. The 5th house usually refers to affairs that are mostly temporary and may not end up in marriage. Oftentimes, weakness in the 5th house means that there will be troubles at home. The 7th house plays an important role in signifying the love and marriage matters of the native, and it can also provide information about how a woman’s husband will look and his physical attributes. A strong 7th house signifies a happy conjugal life.

Role of Malefic Forces

Malefic forces often bring bad news in the love and conjugal life of couples. However, if both the people have equal malefic forces, then it doesn’t affect them much and gets nullified.

Is Love Astrology Effective?

Love Astrology and consultation can be very effective. But one has to take care of a few things:

  • The Astrologer must be experienced, and have a good grasp of the subject
  • Do not trust amateur astrologers blindly, and try to get a second consultation
  • Follow the suggestions of your astrologer for best results.

Finding the right astrologer can be quite a task, and you don’t want to take risks about something so important in your life. And that is why, the best Vedic Astrologer Hemant Barua is the best for you. He is an expert in the field, with immense knowledge and a huge client base all around the globe. He makes predictions based on modern astrology along with system-based Vedic astrology. His predictions are based on Ashtakvarga, Divisional Charts, and Classical references. He also performs a deep and logical study of horoscopes to solve the problems faced by natives. So don’t waste any more time, head over to his website and get solutions to all your love problems. You can also contact +91 9773959523 via call or WhatsApp to book a telephonic consultation. Book your online consultation today!

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