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Significance of Planets
Significance of Venus in Astrology

That beautiful planet is well known for romance, beauty, music, dance and sources of recreation, the planet is also known we can easily recognize it when we look at the north direction early in the morning, we can say that Venus is the brightest planet on the sky.

The planet Venus rules two zodiac signs which named by Taurus and Libra, it’s also known for the planet of love, attraction, wealth, prosperity and knowledge.

The pleasures and luxuries of married life are also judged from the placement of the planet Venus on the horoscope, if any individual don’t have a strong Venus, he/she will have a problem with the lack of the physical appeal, the bad behavior, the failure in falling in love and taking bad relations and also the failure of his married life. These Same results happen when Venus is affected by the appearance of harmful or malefic planets.

Venus rules a profession by Venus that includes textile industry, readymade garments, food, restaurants, hotel, tour and travels, music, theater, poetry, literature, cinema, film industry, actors, actress, beauty parlors, jewelry business, cosmetic shops, costumes, astrology, paintings, photography and so many other creative works etc.

We can talk about some karakas of Venus, it’s  Venus – Wife, Women, Romance, Sexuality, Affairs, Love, beautydining, Equality, Pleasing/ smiling, Marriage/ harmony, Royal nature, Wining/  partnerships, Flowers, Perfumes/ fragrances, Fashion industry, Aesthetic abilities, Cinema, Arts, Music, Creativity, Passions, Singing/ dancing, Poetry/ Literature/ painting/ vehicles, Attraction, Glamor,/ Cosmetics, decorating, Luxuries, Jewelry, Conveyances Banking and banks, Massive wealth (Lakshmi), Kidneys, Reproductive organs for females, Secretions of different sorts, Semen, Water element.

Venus also rules over eyes, nose, chin, throat, sexual organs, kidneys, bladder etc. if Venus is badly placed, it may indicate a lack in the function of these parts, Venus is a benefic and gentle planet.

As astrological information; Venus is close to the sun than our earth, so in some occasions Venus can be in between the sun and earth, Average distance form sun is 67 million miles. The difference is very little, as the orbit of Venus is nearly circular. The distance between Earth and Venus during the inferior synchronism will be 25 million miles only. The size of Venus is similar to Earth. Venus has the diameter of 7,600 miles while Earth has a diameter of 7,900 miles. Venus revolves around the sun in 225 days. The layer of atmosphere around Venus is thick, peculiar and fascinating. This brightness of Venus is because of the reflecting power of its atmosphere. For the observers on the earth Venus cannot be more than 48 degrees away from the Sun.

And there are some more characters of Venus;

VimshottariMahadasha period: 20 years
If well placed signifies: Beauty, Prosperity, wealth
If adversely placed signifies: Laziness, aloofness, perverted habits
Representation: Wife
Body parts ruled: Sex organs, Semen etc.
Nature: Loveable, sexy
Constellations ruled: PoorvaPhalguni, PoorvaAshadh, Bharni
Exalted in: Pisces
Debilitated in: Virgo
Neutral planets: Mars & Jupiter
Own Sign (Rashi): Taurus & Libra
MoolTrikon in: Libra
Friendly planets: Mercury, Saturn, Rahu
Enemy planets: Sun & Moon
Special features: Fashion, Sexual pleasure
Metal: Silver
Precious Stone: Diamond
Day: Friday
Direction: South-East (Agney)
Colour: White
Orbit time in One Zodiac Sign: 28 days (Average)
Orbit time of whole Zodiac: l1 month (Average)
Diseases given by Jupitor: Genital problems, Impotency


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