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Mercury in all 12 houses
Mercury in the Eighth House

Mercury Placement in the eighth house of chart.

The eighth house is related to the mysteries of life, transformation, death like experiences, obstacles, partner’s finance, debts, health, accidents, disgrace etc. The planet of Mercury in the eighth house suggests that the native has an inquisitive nature. The person wants to get to the depth of the matter, unravel secrets. This makes them a perfect fit for occupations involving investigation of some kind like detectives. Moreover, these natives are also inclined towards occult fields, astrology, hypnotism, and metaphysics.

In this case you need to keep your tendency in these matters in check. You attitude in matters concerning religion, occult and higher state of mind may not be going in the right direction. The person may be associated with matters related to death some way or the other such as wills, criminal investigation, cemeteries, funeral homes etc. The native’s own death may be due to respiratory failures or travel. He or she is also likely to get financial gains or losses through contracts and inheritance.

Positive trait for Mercury in this house is the native’s mind is very good for finances, medicine and other subjects that require research and investigation. They speak with a lot of authority and others listen. They command strong persuasive powers that should be used carefully. They believe that everything they do and experience has some purpose. They have a very penetrating mind and are excellent at developing strategies, as well as communicating them with others.

As a negative trait, the natives of Mercury in the 8th house are very mysterious; people may visit them out of curiosity. The people may find it very tough to understand the natives with Mercury in their eighth house. Besides, the natives of Mercury in the 8th house are very unpredictable in their talks. People may not even know what they are saying. Many people find this intriguing, so they try harder to get close to the natives. These natives present themselves with authority, so people don’t question their motives.

As a conclusion, people of Mercury in the eighth house are analytical and investigative in their approach and attitude. However, they should be more open to the people who are close to them as only then they will get integrated with others and lead a complete and fulfilling life.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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