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Mercury in all 12 houses
Mercury in the Seventh House

Mercury Placement in the seventh house of chart.

Natives with mercury in 7th house of chart spend a lot of time thinking about their prospective partner and the idea of marriage. The person pays a lot of attention to and uses their intelligence to choose the right partner. Mercury in seventh house gives you a partner who is intellectually superior and capable. In fact, you often fall for people who are sharp-minded, knowledgeable, quick-witted, and thought provoking. There is a strong need to communicate ideas and information with partner. Yours is likely to be an intellectually fulfilling relationship. You should keep your desire to criticize under control to have a more fulfilling relationship with partner.

Those people are always ready for a good debate or argument, and do not mid accepting others’ opinions and suggestions either. They share a wonderful bond with in-laws and their partner too. The partner of the person may be involved in an occupation where frequent short travels take place. They themselves have a cheerful persona. They have the ability to seal deals, persuade people in a way to accept terms that they otherwise wouldn’t. However, people having Mercury in 7th house should try to be honest in their dealings and keep their motives straight.
As a positive impact, people with Mercury in their seventh house experience long-term bliss in their lives. Such natives have a realistic view of their relationship, which usually strengthens their relationship to a great extent. Both marriage partners believe in forgiving each other and moving forward rather than arguing on petty things for countless hours.

Also, as a negative trait, Mercury in the seventh house Vedic astrology states that natives crave to be in a relationship as they have so much to say and share. Even though they often have a large social circle, they still feel incomplete without their beloved, who enriches their home life. Sometimes they may even choose to be unhappy, without realizing it. This is all true more when Mercury is debilitated in 7th house.

As a conclusion, Mercury’s presence in the seventh house cuts both the ways for the natives. It nurtures and fosters their relationships with kindness, honesty, and truthiness. They cherish togetherness. They share moments, emotions and happiness. The bond of their relationship continues to stay fresh even after many years. They still love their partner like it’s their first date.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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