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Moon in all 12 houses
Moon in the Seventh House

Moon Placement in the seventh house of chart

The seventh house deals with the darker side of our relationships, the partnerships we form. Legal battles, divorce, quarrels, enmity, and fines also fall under the domain of this house. Your reaction to these adversities hardly influence your relationship with the person and on a more global level in mundane astrology, it can lead to wars. In Mundane astrology, seventh house controls matters related to treaties, alliances with other countries, foreign affairs, law, international conflicts, foreign trade etc. Known as the Kalatra Bhava in Vedic Astrology, this house is ruled by Libra sign. Planet Venus is the natural significator of this house that also signifies love, romance and sexuality. It governs several body parts including kidneys and lower back.

The 7th house of the horoscope relates to life partner, business partnerships, travel, foreign residency, domestic bliss and progeny. Moon in 7th house indicates that the native is likely to get a pious partner, who is well-versed in handling family and domestic chores. Partner would be quite compassionate and nurturing. You really tend to attract a partner who is supportive and has motherly instincts. You are likely to have a lot of relationships, possibly as the mission to find that perfect partner who can provide you emotional security. However, if Moon is under affliction here, struggle in marital life is possible.

Seventh house denotes sexual urges, opposite sex, marriage and partnership of any kind. No doubt, Moon in this house will give beautiful and attractive wife with practical approach yet differences due to petty issues in married life cannot be ruled out. These issues can never be damaging unless Moon has aspect of malefic and cruel planets. Native wants closeness and security in his relationships. His spouse may be source of inspiration for him. His woman has important role in his life. Strong Moon also indicates that such native needs cluster of friends to support him emotionally that is why that such person has a big friend circle. Moon also entices such natives to indulge in any new relations spontaneously. Weak or debilitated Moon in this house may bring problems in married life relations and the native may have to suffer losses due to emotional decision in life.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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