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Nakashatra in Astrology
Chitra Nakshatra by Hemant Barua

Native’s characteristics:

Individuals born under the name of Chitra Nakshatra are very beautiful, charming and have a larger-than – life aura. They remain intrigued by fashion, art, architecture and culture, and could be dazzling and glamorous. They are passionate and very famous because of their love of luxury, and they attract a lot of attention everywhere they go. They are well educated and have an eloquent voice and excellent communication skills. They are intelligent and possess innate leadership qualities along with a creative side.

The Astrological Range of Nakshatra:

(Chitra — Ranges from 23°20′ degrees in Virgo to 6°40′ in the Libra signs)


Chitra is the 14th Nakshatra in the sequence of celestial constellations or Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. The first two quarters of this Nakshatra fall under the zodiac sign of Virgo and the last two falls under the sign of Libra. Due to the combined effect of Virgo and Libra, the natives of this Nakshatra have a strong foundation and flexibility to accept change for the better.

1st Pada  Ruled by Sun
2nd Pada  Ruled by Mercury
3rd Pada  Ruled by Venus
4th Pada  Ruled by Mars
Lucky Gemstone Coral
Lucky Number 14
Caste Kshatriya
Controlling/Ruling Planet  Mars
Ruling Deity of the Planet  Muruga
Translation  Brilliance
Symbol  Bright jewel or shining light
Animal Symbol  Female Tiger
Presiding Deity  Vishvakarma (the celestial architect)
Bird  Wood Pecker
Common Name of the Tree  Bel
Botanical Name of the Tree  Aeglemarmelos
Seed Sounds  Pe, Po, Ra, Re.
Dosha  Pitta
Guna  Tamasic
Element  Fire
Disposition  Soft and mild
Nature  Rakshasa (demon)
Mode  Active
Number  14
Gender  Female


Male Characteristics:

The male natives of this nakshatra have a lean body and can easily be identified as having a distinct feature in a crowd of hundreds. It is very articulate and has a majestic aura that cannot be avoided. He is a friendly and thoughtful person, but at times he can also be incredibly selfish. His ideas and opinions that initially seem meaningless and pointless, but they become incredibly valuable and significant after a certain period of time. He has a good gift of intuition, which helps him a lot in his life. This can also help him to become a very popular astrologer, as most of the time his predictions come true.

Profession/ source of income for male:

The inhabitants of Chitra Nakshatra are considered to be hard-working citizens and those who will make every effort to win the race. These individuals will face many hurdles in their professional journey, but all of them will further enhance their courage and believe that they will work even harder, and so on, will lead them to growth.

At the other hand, those born of Chitra Nakshatra are believed to earn some unexpected rewards from those directions where they did not make much of their effort, and even the results would be much higher than what they had done before.Their journey would be quiet until the age of 32yrs, as it will appear as their golden time between the ages of 33yrs and 54yrs, as it will shine very bright during this period of time.

Family life for Male:

The male natives of Chitra Nakshatra are considered to have spent their life away from their father and without the love and protection of their father due to some cause as to the separation of their parents though they are far closer to their mother. These people’s fathers are considered to be a person of more prestige and higher status. These individuals are truly attached to their parents and siblings, but they would also be suspected of being at the core vulnerable. There will be lumps of responsibility for the natives throughout their lives.

Health for Male

The inhabitants of Chitra Nakshatra are considered to face some health obstacles in their lives that would make their lives a little more complicated and would include inflammation of the kidneys and the bladder, brain fever, intestinal tumors, appendicitis, or certain worm diseases.

Female Characteristics:

The female natives of this nakshatra will have more or less the same attributes as their male counterparts, but they will also have some individuality in their personalities. We have a very sexy and desirable body that is the envy of many. She’s tall and stunning with long, lustrous hair. She is a free spirited individual who is eager for an excess of freedom and sometimes has an unrespectable attitude.

Profession/ source of income for Female:

The female natives of Chitra Nakshatra are considered to be working hard on their professional paths, where they have a very serious and focused approach. They would face several obstacles in their life journey that would seem to be daunting challenges in front of them, but they would only strengthen their hard work, and that would make them believe more in themselves, and so on, to the heights.

Family life for Female:

The natives of Chitra Nakshatra are believed to have spent their lives away from their father and birth home for a number of potential reasons, as their parents may be living separately and their birth home may be destroyed or sold, or they may be forced to remain alone for some other reason. Such people are loyal to their parents while they are much closer to their mothers and love their families, but they will also believe that they are very sensitive from the inside.

Health for Female:

Female natives of Chitra Nakshatra are believed to face a variety of health obstacles in their lifetime, including abdominal tumors, appendicitis, worm disease, bladder disorders, kidney inflammation and brain fever.

Nakshatra Padas

1st Pada (23:20-26:40 degrees Virgo): Leo.

It’s ruled by The Sun. You are a natural chief, having tremendous inner strength, and you are visually attractive. You have strong self-control, and you are able to regulate your feelings and impulses. Nevertheless, you can be totalitarian, decide what others will do without acknowledging their opinions. You should be strong.


Second Pada (26:40-30:00 degree Virgo): Virgo.

It’s ruled by Mercury. Your mind is a powerful weapon, and your intellectual capacity is important. You have natural language skills and are a highly skilled communicator. There’s nothing that can deter you when you want to do something — you have a good will.\

Third Pada (0:00-3:20 degree Libra): Libra.

It’s ruled by Venus. You’re loved by a lot of people. You’re courageous, and you really try to do what’s right. Your confidence helps you to stand up for what you believe is right even in the face of opposition. You’re polite, and you’re likely to lead a luxurious lifestyle.

Fourth Pada (3:20-6:40 degrees Libra): Scorpio.

It’s ruled by Mars. You’re bold, and you’re not hiding who you are. You don’t feel any guilt, even though you’re inclined to do things that others would find unethical or even illegal. You can be a bit temperamental and easily irritated and difficult to predict. Your life is not always easy — you face a set of challenges that might be hard for you to resolve.


Written by : Hemant Barua
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