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Nakashatra in Astrology
Pushya Nakshatra by Hemant Barua

Pushya Nakshatra

Native’s characteristics:

Persons born under Pushya Nakshatra are very gentle, soft-hearted and honest. They are very honest in their souls, compassionate, and have a calm and composed disposition. Many times, these people carry all the pain and responsibility of others to their shoulders without any hopes, which can often lead to tension and anger. They are very decent, hospitable and protective of their loved ones because they have a strong sense of home, family and community. They are great at offering emotional support, and because of these qualities, they have a lot of admirers. However, if there are afflicted planets in this Nakshatra in your birth map, you may be lazy, lethargic, dependent, and vulnerable to addiction due to self-control.

The Astrological Range of Nakshatra:

(Pushya — Ranges from Degrees 3:20 – 16:40 in the Cancer sign)


The Pushya Nakshatra is the eighth in the sequence of celestial constellations or the Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology. It falls under the zodiac sign of Cancer, and thus all four quarters or Padas of this Nakshatra fall under the sign of Cancer.

The word Pushya means giving or caring and nurturing, and that is pretty much the core of this Nakshatra. This refers to the desire to survive and implies to be a defender. It is considered to be a highly auspicious Nakshatra, and it is all about caring for and giving to mankind irrespective of differences.

1st Pada  Ruled by Sun
2nd Pada  Ruled by Mercury
3rd Pada  Ruled by Venus
4th Pada  Ruled by Mars
Lucky Gemstone Blue Sapphire
Lucky Number 8
Caste Kshatriya
Nature  Deva (God-like)
Mode  Passive
Translation  “to nourish and nurture”
Symbol  Cow’s udders
Animal Symbol  Goat
Presiding Deity  Brihaspati, priest of Gods
Controlling/Ruling Planet  Saturn
Ruling Deity of Saturn  Hanuman
Number  8
Gender  Male
Dosha  Pitta
Guna  Tamasic
Common Name of the Tree  Peepal
Botanical Name of the Tree  Fig Ficusreligiosa
Seed Sounds  Hu, He, Ho, Da.
Element  Water
Disposition  Light and swift
Bird  Crow


Male Characteristics:

The male natives of this nakshatra have a very different physical structure, which is not very clear. They are of different sizes and shapes, and each individual will be different from the other. We are very emotional and sensitive, and they are more guided by their hearts than by their brains. This is very difficult for them to draw a conclusion and fail to make choices. We are very selfless, compassionate and loving. He’s not going to do anything against his morals or his principles. He has a great deal of wisdom and intellect, and he is not easily overwhelmed by life’s difficulties. He’s still ready to battle his adversaries.

Profession/ source of income for male:

You can be popular in theatre, the arts, and business related to industry. In addition, work related to dairy, forestry, horticulture, animal husbandry, food processing and distribution, politics, parliament, legislature, religious preacher, counselor, counselor, religious volunteer or donation, instructor, tutor, child care, school play, house building and construction of townships or communities, religious or social events management, etc.

Family life for Male:

You’d like to stay with your children and your spouse. But, work and business could keep you away from them. That’s why your family life may be a little difficult. Nevertheless, in your absence, your partner will be very committed and will take good care of the children. Any hardship is foreseen in your life until the age of 33, but after that, you will develop in all directions.

Health for Male

The health of a male native of Pushya Nakshatra will face many health problems until the age of 15, but after that, he will lead a fairly disease-free life.

Female Characteristics:

The female natives of this nakshatra have a short build, a fair complexion and a well-proportioned face and body. Generally they look fine. She is peaceful and gentle, and very respectful and submissive, particularly towards her elders. Sincerity, loving, affectionate are some of its essential characteristics. She is also very spiritual and God-fearing. She is cautious and religious in her thoughts and acts, which will allow her to hold her life in order. She is also very trustworthy and honest, and people generally feel secure about her. That’s why she’s working as a private assistant.

Profession/ source of income for Female:

The natives of Pushya are born with a powerful intellect and intelligence on land, and are the searchers of knowledge for which they could be seen as learned people on land, besides that they are born with the good ability to carry out all kinds of research in a successful way, which further makes them appear powerful on the technical side. Yet these people lose security because of the incredible independence they’re always looking for, and that’s how their weak point in this position is.

Family life for Female:

The inhabitants of Pushya Nakshatra are considered to be faithful and honest at home who would follow all the commands of their parents, but there would be a lot of difficulties in their lives during their childhood.

When it comes to their marital life, there will always be obstacles in their conjugal course, with special regard to the discrepancies between the spouses. Such Pushyami Nakshatra women will remain faithful to their husbands, but they do not understand their wives and will continue to manipulate them for a variety of reasons. Their lives may become more complicated due to the great dominance of their husbands, and for this they should be a little strong at home and not allow their husbands to dominate more over them.

Health for Female:

The residents of Pushya Nakshatra are considered to be faced with some of the health obstacles in their life journey as well, though their childhood walk must have possessed a lot of them. This may include pneumonia, breast cancer, jaundice, bruises, eczema, gastric problems, ulcers, and some respiratory issues.

Nakshatra Padas

First Pada (3:20-6:40 degrees Cancelation): Leo.

It’s ruled by the sun .You’re inspired, so you’re probably going to achieve a lot. Your family history is likely to have a major role to play in your life. You will have to deal with a variety of struggles, but your determination will allow you to persevere.

Second Pada (6:40-10:00 degrees Cancelation): Virgo.

It’s ruled by mercury .You’re both realistic and effective. Your intellect earns respect for you and lets you do stuff effectively. One of your skills is cooking — friends and family can always count on you to have a good meal.

Third Pada (10:00-13:20 degrees Cancelation): Libra.

It’s ruled by Venus .Patient by nature, you’re taking your time to make decisions and don’t rush into things quickly. In general, you are happy in your approach to life. Nonetheless, your lack of support for confrontation and shaking up the status quo will lead you to conform too easily.

Fourth Pada (13:20-16:40 degrees Cancer): Scorpio.

It’s ruled by Mars .Your curiosity also takes you to mysterious or mystical realms. Others may not always have to “see” you. Compromise is not something that you’re fond of, so you may come across as bigotry. You can continue to be anxious about it.


Written by : Hemant Barua
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