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Nakashatra in Astrology
Swati Nakshatra by Hemant Barua

Native’s characteristics:

People born under Swati Nakshatra put a lot of emphasis on freedom and equality in all aspects of their lives. We like to do things at their own speed and believe in long-term planning. They want to have a ‘room’ in their personal relationships, and they don’t like being compelled to do it. The combined influence of Venus and Rahu on this Nakshatra makes its natives friendly, strong communicators and likes to make new relations and social contacts. Both willing and open to learning and trying new things, they firmly believe in social etiquette and actions. They’re very smart, smart in company, and they love to travel and meet new people.

The Astrological Range of Nakshatra:

(Swati — Ranges from Degrees 6:40 – 20 in the Libra sign)


Swati Nakshatra is the fifteenth Nakshatra in the sequence of celestial constellations or Nakshatra in Vedic Astrology. All four quarters or padas of this Nakshatra come under the zodiac sign of Libra.

1st Pada  Ruled by Jupiter
2nd Pada  Ruled by Saturn
3rd Pada  Ruled by Saturn
4th Pada  Ruled by Jupiter
Lucky Number 15
Lucky Gemstone Gomedhaka
Caste Vaishya
Controlling/Ruling Planet  Rahu
Ruling Deity of the Planet  Durga
Translation  Independent
Symbol  Shoot of a plant, coral
Animal Symbol  Male buffalo
Presiding Deity  Vayu, god of wind
Nature  Devas (God-like)
Mode  Passive
Number  15
Gender  Female
Dosha  Kapha
Guna  Tamasic
Element  Fire
Disposition  Moveable
Bird  Honey Bee
Common Name of the Tree  Arjuna
Botanical Name of the Tree  Terinalia
Seed Sounds  Ru, Re, Ro, Ta


Male Characteristics:

The male natives of this nakshatra have a rather attractive appearance with a bulky and fleshy body shape. He is typically a very peace-loving, straightforward and hard-working person who is independent and confident. He doesn’t want to make compromises in his life, so he will work hard to achieve his goals. He is very serious and very devoted. He cannot part with what is his, nor take away from others what is not his. He is not really critical, and he has great confidence in himself and his skills. He feels he can’t go wrong.

Profession/ source of income for male:

The male natives of Swati Nakshatra are believed to have worked very hard in their work environment, where they put all their energy into keeping them honest and genuinely committed during their journey. The issue here is that they will face a quiet difficult career path until the age of 25, besides being worthy of good growth.

Such individuals would continue to grow more until they hit the age of 25yrs, while the age of 30 to 60yrs would carry all the fruits of their considerable early efforts. They will grow really high in their time.

Family life for Male:

The natives of Swati Nakshatra would face a very difficult path of life, particularly in their childhood, as they would have to bear a great deal of burden on land and would have to face much criticism for whatever they would do instead of being respected for the same thing.

The conjugal direction of their life would seem to be appealing to the outside world, while at home they would have a lot of disagreements and lack of harmony, and so on, it would not be a very blissful journey for the couple, but it would remain peaceful and fulfilling.

Health for Male

Male natives of Swati Nakshatra are considered to face a healthy and well-paved road of life that would entail some minor problems for a shorter period of time, including abdominal problems, arthritis, piles, and some heart problems. In fact, his health will never seem to be a major barrier to his life’s journey.

Female Characteristics:

The female natives of this nakshatra will have many attributes similar to their male counterparts, but they will also have some special characteristics that set them apart from the rest. She has a rather distinctive characteristic that sets her apart from all the others. She is plain, decent, sweet, caring and compassionate. A lot of people admire her because of her values. She is also very religious and spiritual, and she likes to go on pilgrimages.

Profession/ source of income for Female:

The female natives of Swati Nakshatra are considered to be genuine and committed towards their work, and they believe in the hard work of reaching the highest peak. Some natives are very cautious with reaching the heights and working only to the greatest degree possible. Such people could be seen working on influential profiles and they won’t remain forever in hierarchical positions and they’re seeking a lot of equality.


The people of Swati Nakshatra would face a lot of obstacles until the age of 25 and life would seem challenging until then, as they would face their golden journey between 30 years and 60 years and enter the place of affluence and comfort.

Family life for Female:

The natives of Swati Nakshatra are considered to have a great deal of responsibility during their childhood and adolescence, which would come on a calm, peaceful path after 25 years of age. They’re going to have some issues in their family life as well, which may seem fun from a distance but require some serious changes. They will have a decent life with healthy children and all the comforts at home.

Health for Female:

Women natives of Swati Nakshatra may have certain life-long health obstacles that would include bronchitis, uterine problems, bone and ankle problems, breast problems, and asthma. Besides this, Swati women are viewed as having a poor physical condition.

Nakshatra Padas


First Pada(6:40-10:00 degrees Libra): Sagittarius.

It’s ruled by Jupiter. You’re always curious to know something new, and you’re not afraid to ask questions — your interest even applies to the love of travel. Working to improve the wellbeing of others is important to you, and you are likely to give generously to charity and participate in other philanthropic activities. Yet you should be proud of that.

Second Pada(10:00-13:20 degrees Libra): Capricorn.

It’s ruled by Saturn. You’re more settled than other Swatis — you’re rooted and methodical in your approach. Nevertheless, it can be difficult for you to resolve your tendency for indulgence, and you may slip into bad habits. You may appear to be selfish.

Third Pada (13:20-16:40 degrees Libra): Aquarius.

It’s ruled by Saturn. Your mind is a strong device, and you are both intelligent and capable of thinking out of the box. In general, you’re very imaginative. You’ve got a company crack, but you can waste your money too quickly.

Fourth Pada(16:40-20:00 degrees Libra): Pisces.

It’s ruled by Jupiter. You also come up with ideas that no one else would have thought of — you are creative, so you can find approaches that are both innovative so unique. You always put the others in front of yourself. You have a decent reputation and a lot of people admire you.


Written by : Hemant Barua
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