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Nakashatra in Astrology
Shravan Nakshatra By Hemant Barua

Native’s characteristics:

People born under Shravan Nakshatra are highly knowledgeable, intellectual, and learned. They are not only good and patient listeners, but also well-trained communicators, making them excellent counselors, instructors, linguists, lecturers, translators. We also have success in the internet, networking and entertainment sectors. We have a deep desire to learn about other cultures and spiritual elements, which lets them travel extensively. We are strongly focused on their objectives and ensure the successful execution of any activities that we undertake. They are dry, cordial and have a mature attitude, which also makes them good advisors.

The Astrological Range of Nakshatra:

(Shravana — Ranges from Degrees 10.00 – 23.20 in the Capricorn sign)


Shravan Nakshatra is the twenty-second Nakshatra in the series of lunar constellations or Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology. All four quarters or Padas of this Nakshatra fall under the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Shravan means ‘listening,’ and this Nakshatra is known as the star of listening and learning.

1st Pada  Ruled by Mars
2nd Pada  Ruled by Venus
3rd Pada  Ruled by Mercury
4th Pada  Ruled by Moon
Lucky Gemstone Pearl
Lucky Number 22
Caste Shoodra
Controlling/Ruling Planet  Moon
Ruling Deity of the Planet  Parvati
Translation  To hear
Symbol  An Ear, three footprints
Animal Symbol  A female monkey
Presiding Deity  Lord Vishnu, the Preserver
Nature  Deva (God-like)
Mode  Passive
Bird  Francolin
Common Name of the Tree  Aakado
Botanical Name of the Tree  Calotroopisgigantea
Seed Sounds  Ju, Je, Jo, Gha
Element  Air
Disposition  Movable
Number  22
Gender  Male
Dosha  Kapha
Guna  Rajasic


Male Characteristics:

The male natives of this nakshatra have very strong and attractive physical characteristics. They ‘re going to have a medium height and a weird nose. He’s a good writer, and he’s usually very coordinated about what he’s doing. He is strongly moral and will never compromise his principles. He likes his surroundings to be clean and neat, and he will make every effort to maintain it. He’s very vocal about his thoughts and beliefs, so he’s not going to hesitate to share his mind. He has a deep confidence in his abilities and will never let anything overwhelm him.

Profession/ source of income for male:

The inhabitants of Sravana Nakshatra are born with a powerful intellect and good intelligence, besides which they have a great deal of curiosity to try all the knowledge that leads them to the heights of wisdom and makes them appear to be wiser people on earth. All in all, this allows them to follow a number of things well, and thus opens up other avenues in the professional path of these individuals.

Family life for Male:

The natives of Sravana Nakshatra, despite having faced many problems during their lives, are blessed with a blissful and happy conjugal journey, and so on they would lead a pleasant and prosperous married life as faithful and devoted wives who would have all the attributes to adorn their lives. The early ages of Sravana Nakshatra would be still turbulent, but their married life would add peace and brilliance to their lives.

Health for Male

The people of Sravana Naskhatra will face other health obstacles in their life cycle that would include ear infections, skin diseases, eczema, indigestion, rheumatism and tuberculosis.

Female Characteristics:

The female natives of this nakshatra will have more or less identical characteristics to those of their male counterparts, but will also have some individuality of their own. She has a pretty decent look with strong facial features. She is charitable and she is religious. She supports those in need, makes them feel secure in her company and values them. Often she is very sharp, but she is still quite compassionate to the poor and the vulnerable. She is very generous with her support and contributions and ensures that no one goes empty handed over to her.

Profession/ source of income for Female:

These natives of Sravana Nakshatra would face a quiet difficult path until the age of 32, while thereafter they would be a quiet stable walk until the age of 45, and after the age of 65, they would shine high on the hills. These women are perceived to be good dancers, and they could also be involved in some creative and artistic arena. These may also be in certain clerical roles, such as typist, receptionist, electronics, fuel and gasoline.

Family life for Female:

The women of Sravana Nakshatra will have a lot of respect and praise in their family for being good and great in all, but they are advised not to expect the same from others as it might bring some problems, besides which there could be some disagreements between the couple, as these women might demand a lot from their husband and would not be able to accept them as they are. They should also learn to adapt their attitude to their conjugal course.

Health for Female:

The female natives of Shravana Nakshatra would face some health obstacles that would make their journey more difficult, including skin disease, eczema, tuberculosis, filarial, pus formation and some ear problems. This may have been because they were reckless about their health.

Nakshatra Padas

First Quarter (10:00-13:20 degrees Capricorn): Aries.

It’s ruled by Mars. You’re ambitious and aggressive. You’re committed to the ideas with zeal. You are likely to encounter oscillating success and disappointment at a professional level.

Second Quarter (13:20-16:40 degrees Capricorn): Taurus.

It’s ruled by Venus. You’re charming and well-mannered. You are tactful, and you respect the limits of others. You have a penchant for sensual pleasures, however, and you can overcome lust and anger.

Third Quarter (16:40-20:00 degrees Aquarius): Gemini.

It’s ruled by Mercury. You are a professional writer and communicator. Such gifts can be received by a lot of friends. You shine in the social environments.

Fourth Quarter (20:00-23:20 degrees Aquarius): Cancer.

It’s ruled by Moon. You are artistic and have a strong sense of esthetics. You are caring, and you enjoy helping others, however you may be swept away by your emotions.


Written by : Hemant Barua
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