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Saturn in all 12 houses
Saturn in the Fourth House

Saturn Placement in the fourth house of chart.

Generally, the fourth house isn’t considered favorable. The person with Saturn in 4th house may be deprived of happiness and comforts in his childhood or in his early life. Problems and obstacles in early life may make the thinking of a native mature. The same will be his look. He may be tall. He may also look matured, responsible and older than his real age and not much interested in worldly life. He may look to be serious and not interested in any type of entertainment. The progressing in life comes at a delayed stage though the person will be very hard working.

The mental capabilities of this person are judged from the strength of 4th house. The native will be able to handle any odd situation boldly in life if fourth house or its lord is strong and well placed. On the contrary, if fourth house of its lord is in weak position and placed adversely, the person will have poor mental strength and may not be able to face even day to day problems of life which will easily make him depressed and tensed. He may feel lack of confidence which may affect him adversely in almost every field of life to progress in future. The fact of Saturn being the lord of fourth house may spoil the relations with mother and the native himself may have to suffer from certain health issues including weakened bones, chest and heart or BP problems at some stage in life, also as a cure for Saturn in the 4th house; you can offer rice and serve buffalo to the crows.

Such a person has to take care of the elderly, probably parents. In some times, native may lose their parents at an early age. And also their living conditions may be poor. The second half of your life is more promising than the first once you have learned from your mistakes and moved on with your head held high. If not, the later part of the life may not be that rewarding.

As a conclusion we can say that Saturn is a harmful planet and widely known for its bad influence on individuals. Whatever, the individuals experience both positive and negative influences of Saturn in life. The karmic influence of Saturn plays an important role in wisdom and luxury comforts and shaping one life with wealth. The presence of Saturn in the natal chart makes individuals egocentric, sober, and suspicious, but depending upon the configuration with their house, it also caters to favorable outcomes, that make these natives peaceful, intelligent, sharp, rich, and spiritual.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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