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Saturn in all 12 houses
Saturn in the Twelfth House

Saturn Placement in the twelfth house of chart.

That’s the last house; the 12th house in the Indian astrology means losses and expenditures. These losses include financial losses, losses due to heavy expenditure on needless issues. Losses on account of illness or hospitalization, loss of sleep, loss of respect and honor due to imprisonment etc. are also judged from twelfth house of chart. Visit of foreign lands and pleasures from sex are also observed from this house.

Saturn also gives depression in this house. The person may feel depressed or tensed without any reason. The person feels himself alone and an unknown fear surrounds him and he himself is unable to explain the cause of his mental worries and tensions.

Basically, placement of Saturn in 12th house is not a favorable position for Saturn as it indicates losses on various fronts. The native knows the value of spirituality but he finds himself lazy to seek this path.
The planet of Saturn in this house gives an uncanny love for seclusion. You are likely to be mentally mature and have a philosophical bent of mind. If you don’t love staying alone for long, this can be quite an unfavorable placement of Saturn for the native. Saturn in twelfth house gives a lot of troubles, brought upon by circumstances or people. Sometimes, their health may go downhill due to some chronic disease. They may have to face frequent hospitalization.

For others, they may be victim to imprisonment or losses due to others. This person is likely to be involved in human welfare and service somehow. But they will be in an occupation where they work from the back end. On the other hand, there could also be a strong desire to escape societal pressures and live on your own. The person has the capability to acquire higher knowledge of spiritual and social realms.

There are some cures or remedies we can use for Saturn in 12th house:

-Tie twelve almonds in a black cloth and place the same in an iron pot and keep it in a dark room.
-Don’t drink alcohol and be a vegan.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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