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Saturn in all 12 houses
Saturn in the Seventh House

Saturn Placement in the seventh house of chart.

There are many things that the 7th house of horoscope is considered for; it’s considered for relations, marriage and also pleasure, the Seventh house makes sure whether you will get support from your spouse or get betrayal. How strong will be the relation with your life partner? In Zodiac Sign, seventh house represents Libra whose lord, Venus, symbolizes love, romance, marriage and pleasures.

Some positive impacts of Saturn in this house is that Saturn in the 7th house blesses the natives with wealth and fame. Also Saturn is a slow-moving planet and this principle influences the person. He keeps his actions low key and makes their moves without getting noticed by others, natives in this house are not talkative but never back off to argue against injustice. These individuals might experience major gains in business. They may also become game-changers when it comes to developments in business. Saturn reflects karmic influence which means “what goes around comes around” and this influences the natives’ life in a big manner. If the locals do good deeds, they will be rewarded by Saturn or else get punished, depending upon their actions.

Also there are some negative traits or impacts in this house that in some situations, Saturn in the seventh house may influence the natives’ married life adversely. The placement of Saturn in the seventh house may cast a malefic influence on the natives’ relationship. These natives may face a dilemma in choosing their life partners. stated by Vedic astrology, the adverse impact of a retrograde Saturn in the 7th house may ruin the relationship of the natives and their life partner.

There are some remedies or cures for Saturn in the 7th house:

-You can bury a flute filled with sugar in a deserted and lonely place.
-Also bury a vessel filled with honey in funeral ground.
-Don’t make bad or illicit reactions.
-Before taking any big decisions, consult your wife.

As a conclusion Natives with Saturn in their seventh house experience a happy life. It gives them wealth, strength, position, and status in society. But, because of its malefic nature, Saturn may bring adversities in the life of individuals, particularly into their married life. Moreover, the karmic influence of Saturn keeps the natives on the toes.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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