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Venus in the all 12 houses
Venus in the Second House

Venus Placement in the second house of chart

if you have Venus in your second house, that means you easily attract wealth and material comforts in life, whenever you need. However, there is also tendency to spend your money recklessly, as soon as you earn it. You often spend on things related to arts, music and beauty. You like to live in a luxurious place that offers the comforts of modern rich lifestyle.

There is also a big chance that you may accumulate wealth through marriage or partner. Such a person values material aspects of life. When the planet of Venus is retrograde, the person is likely to become too materialistic. Their happiness may be strongly linked to the material possessions they have. The native may also develop or discover a creative talent, especially in arts. Retrogression can also make the person selfish in nature.

As a positive trait, the natives’ desires to lead a comfortable life will make them ambitious, and they will work hard to earn lots of money to fulfil their dreams and goals. A significant portion of their expenses will be on things related to art, music, beauty, and so on. Besides, they prefer to stay in a luxurious place wherein the best comforts of a rich modern lifestyle are available. They will strongly dislike austerity and simplicity.

These people may probably develop some creative talent, more likely in arts. They can build on these talents and rise high in life. Their talents can even become a source of earning lots of money, which can make them rich and popular. On the other hand, retrogression of Venus can make the person selfish, as per Venus in second house Vedic astrology.

As a negative trait, while these natives are good at spending money, at times, they may spend excessively or extravagantly on things that are not important. This may land them into trouble. They may end up losing much of their money in buying expensive things that do not have much real or practical utility.

As a conclusion, when the softness of Venus meets the second house in Vedic astrology, the result is an enjoyment-loving individual who loves all the luxuries and wealth. They will have money, they will spend it with an open hand. But they will need to practice caution here. If they lose a lot of money on unnecessary things, they may face a cash crunch. Also, they should not have unnecessary expectations from the people around them.

Written by : Hemant Barua
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